Mercedes-benz Cl Luxury Coupe

by : Dwyane Thomas

Everything about the CL luxury coupe screams Mercedes-Benz starting from its styling elements that dates back to the 50s up to the additional cutting-edge safety and comfort features---it simply cannot be denied that it's a Mercedes. The CL luxury coupe is offered in two engine choices: the 5.5-litre (285kW, 530Nm) CL500 version and the super mighty 6.3-litre CL63 AMG (386kW and 630Nm). Both models are also fitted with Mercedes' 7 G-tronic automatic transmission linked to the Direct Select gearshift located on the steering column. Three shift modes are also offered: comfort, manual, and sport. There are also buttons located behind the steering wheel which can be used for manual shifting.

In the manual mode the electronics will follow the traditional or normal gear selection instructions with the driver doing the gear shifting but with the automatic as the word suggest would just shift to the next gear once the rev limit is reached. There are also other modes wherein the management system will override inputs at its discretion. Those modes also alter the gearbox characteristics same with the suspension damping and springing settings.

The CL500 possess quality handling capabilities in all modes however the manual mode was by far the best when it comes to uneven terrains since the gear adapts to the various driving pressures especially when sudden gear shifting are required. Likewise, the CL's Active Body Control suspension system alters the damping to conform to the road condition while lowering the body by up to 10mm when speed is over 100km/h are detected. The CL500 can produce 285 kW of power which may be considered by most drivers as stimulating but not that thrilling.

There are also buttons found all over the cabin to adjust all the gadgets and gizmos starting from the television to the rearward-looking camera up to the retracting sunshield. All these are manipulated by a simple push of a button. Although the buttons can be confusing at times but with a little practice after a few minutes, one would be able to know where to look for what function and eventually it turns into a habit and everything becomes easy.

The CL luxury coupe is equipped with an item that is similar to the BMW's i-Drive. It is fitted with navigation screens and on-board settings. Its other features include BAS Plus and the new Pre-Safe Brake system which are part of the Distronic Plus equipment package offered as an option for R17 200. The system helps to apply partial braking once it detects that an accident is about to happen. Mercedes-Benz has always taken the subject of safety in their vehicles seriously and for their CL flagship range they will ensure that their customers are given the highest level of safety features possible. As a fact, Mercedes-Benz will equip the CL luxury coupe range with a night view assist offered as an option for the R18 000 CL. There will also be two additional, infrared headlamps that provide added visibility of up to 200m.

The intelligent lightning that the CL luxury has controls the illumination functions to adapt to the condition of the road and the weather. The new CL was also made larger than before with a length of 5 meters, a width of 1.8 meters and a height of 20mm which gives passengers with ample headroom. It also has a large boot with full-size alloy spare wheel which are under the sultry rear end making it even more stylish. The interior is furnished with a luxurious array of wood trim combined with soft leather upholstery. The Mobilodrive maintenance plan which provides 60 000 km is standard for all its Mercedes vehicles.

And speaking of luxury cars did you know that Mercedes-Benz has created E-class which is the automaker's mid-size luxury car/ executive car sold by DaimlerChrysler. The E-class is available with various four, six and eight cylinder petroleum gasoline and diesel engines. The E-class first appeared in the 1950s and became the best-selling model worldwide. It is used for luxury or executive transport and in some countries such as Germany, Singapore, and Portugal the E-class is utilized as taxis or police interceptor vehicle.

The E-class range is comprised of the 400E, 300E, W124, 500E, W123, W120, W110, W20, W212 and more which are launch on separate years. The 400E and 500E went into production on August 6, 1991 as 1992 models. Unfortunately the production of the 500E ended on June 24, 1994. In support of its E-Class DaimlerChrysler has launched quality lines of auto parts suitable for the E-class like for instance the and among others. The competitions of the E-class are the following: Acura RL, Alfa Romeo 166, Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, Cadillac STS, Infiniti M, Jaguar S-Type, Lexus GS, Saab 9-5 and the Volvo S80.