Mini Usa Launches 6 Online Videos Featuring Hammer & Coop

by : Lauren Woods

Following several baffling appearances on billboards, Mini USA has finally unraveled the mystery behind the ad campaign that has left passersby puzzled for about a month or two. Mini USA responded to the overwhelming query of who Hammer and Coop are. The revelation is enveloped in the six action-packed viral videos, which are to debut next month.

The project of the automaker includes highly stylized series of online videos about a new action hero called Hammer and his trusty sidekick Coop. The adventures, action and intrigue surrounding the dynamic duo could be experienced on their website which could be accessed at Each web episode promises loads of exciting sequels to keep online visitors riveted to their monitors.

The six much-awaited online videos were directed by Todd Phillips (the director of Starsky and Hutch and Old School flicks) and starring actor Bryan Callen of MADtv. The first two web videos have debuted on the 21st this month. The debut of the online video series was intended to coincide with the introduction of the 2007 MINI. In March, the following four will be introduced. In addition, the "Heat of the Moment," a music video for Asia that features a famous 80s song, will also be unleashed on the last online episode of Hammer and Coop.

All of the online videos were especially created to radiate a different level of enthusiasm to tickle the imagination of the visitors. Individuals who are thirsty for cool adventures, fresher and invigorating than the emission of ; they can rely on the escapades of Hammer and Coop imbibed in the video series. In order for the series to be realized, the company has hired a cast and crew of over 70 people. They include a world-famous director, top actors in the industry, and professional stunt men to take care of the breath-taking action scenes. Cinema trailers will be full of Hammer and Coop adventures starting on 22 February through 23 March.

"MINI is so much more than a brand; it is a lifestyle," said Jim McDowell, the Vice President of MINI USA. "MINI enthusiasts embody the same sense of creativity, passion, fun, and lust for life that went into the making of these films. MINI owners are also a highly interactive online community, so we are looking forward to the reaction from people around the country, who will undoubtedly enjoy these films and share them with friends."

The Hammer and Coop ad campaign of Mini USA is also set to invade a prominent niche in the viral community realm. The company has leverage partnership with some digital media aside from print and broadcast. The ad will be featured in MySpace, YouTube and Second Life. The Second Life invasion is scheduled to start on 15 March. The trailer and video components will be available on 20 February. Additionally, the advertising content will also be available on podcasts and mobile phones.

"For the next six weeks, as the webisodes launch and more of the plot is revealed, audiences will get to know the real story behind Hammer and Coop," said Trudy Hardy, the Marketing Manager for MINI USA. "The goal is to effectively engage consumers in the brand by offering an ongoing, interactive dialogue that will keep them coming back for more and interested in future MINI projects."

The Mini USA ad campaign features an array of artsy and adventurous components to make the viewers more absorbed. Fun accessories like vintage lunchboxes, iron-on logos for tee-shirts, and gear inspired stuffs could also be purchased online.

"Working with MINI USA allows us to stretch creatively and expand on concepts that other, more conservative companies might shy away from," said John Butler, Executive Creative Director and Founding Partner at Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners, MINI USA's ad agency. "The result is always very fun and interactive - in a nutshell, very MINI."