The Gmc Acadia Slt-1: the Mid-size Suv That Has it All

by : Glady Reign

GMC has always been known for producing trucks and large cars. But they have also ventured into the mid-size SUV market with the Acadia. The sports utility vehicle is one serious competitor in the said market simply because this vehicle is designed to give its driver and passengers everything that they have come to expect in an SUV. The vehicle is not the cheapest in its class but once you considered what you would be getting, its price tag seems reasonable enough.

The GMC Acadia is powered by GM's 3.6-liter V6 engine which is capable of giving out as much as 267 horsepower. This kind of power gives the vehicle good acceleration and top speed. What the Acadia uses to transfer all those horsepower to the wheels is a smooth six-speed automatic transmission. The gearbox is precision engineered to provide smooth transition of the power from the engine to the drive wheels. The Acadia comes with an optional al-wheel drive version. The configuration allows the engine to supply traction to the front wheels whenever it is needed. The transition from two to four wheel drive is smooth too. This is the result of the precision engineering and design of the vehicle.

The all-wheel drive capability of the Acadia gives it superior traction in any road and weather condition. It can handle snow and ice with ease. Aside from taking on icy and slippery roads, the GMC Acadia also performs well in city traffic where constant acceleration and deceleration is needed. The Acadia can also maintain its high performance even on hill climbs which some vehicles would have much trouble conquering.

In terms of comfort, the GMC Acadia offers good ride comfort to its occupants. The seats are designed to give comfort to its occupants. One of its seat's features which ensures the comfort of anyone sitting on it is the fact that it is heated. Handling of the SUV is more car-like than truck-like. This is an impressive feat since GMC is known for trucks more than they are known for their cars. The Acadia stands out among its class-mates due to the fact that it offers great ride comfort, something that can be rarely found on sports utility vehicles.

Another good selling point for the GMC Acadia aside from the performance, good ride quality, and high performance parts, is its cargo capacity. The sports utility vehicle boasts of having 19.7 cubic feet of cargo space. This can be increased significantly by folding the third row seats. With the third row of seats folded down, the cargo space increases to 68.9 cubic feet. This is suitable for those who needed good cargo space for their luggage. The GMC Acadia can seat seven people but only the first two rows of seats can comfortably seat a grown-up. Just like every SUV in the market, the third row of seat is best left to children or small grown-up.

Other features of the vehicle include a power liftgate which makes loading cargoes much easier. A navigation system is also optional. Aside from these features, the Acadia also has a climate control which keeps the occupants even more comfortable even on long drives. It also comes with an XM Satellite radio which gives the occupants a wide range of choices of commercial-free music stations.

The GMC Acadia is a good investment if you are looking for a mid-size SUV which can give you good performance and good ride quality. Its comfort level is also good and since it comes from General Motors, you can be assured that the components used in the manufacture of the vehicle are reliable, as reliable as .