Saab 9-3 Convertible Defines "extremely Cool"

by : Lauren Woods

The ICEHOTEL in Sweden is known all around the world for its coolness. The temporary hotel is made completely out of what else but ice. It is located near the village of Jukkasjarvi, Kiruna in Northern Sweden. This is where Saab will hold their Saab Ice Experience as part of the car manufacturer's celebration of their 60th year in the automotive business. One of the highlights of the event is the Saab 9-3 Convertible which is selected to be encased and showed off in an ice garage. The convertible will be ice-bound until the end of the event which will be on the 16th of March this year.

The Saab 9-3 Convertible is in itself cool enough even without the ice surrounding it. Saab has engineered this open-top engineering marvel to provide its drivers a sense of luxury. The performance of the convertible is also one of the finest in the industry. Its safety is also one of a kind. The over all value of this car in terms of "coolness" is just as cool as the ice built around it, and maybe as cold as the air gets when entering an engine through an system.

Saab chose the 9-3 convertible as one of their main attractions because of their commitment to the development and use of alternative fuels as well as paying homage to their culture and lifestyle. According to Marie Larsson, the Saab Event Project Manager, "Snow and ice are core elements of Scandinavian nature, so it was a very natural step for us to adopt this theme for our Convertible, the original car for all seasons. Sweden also has a strong tradition for environmental care. For example, the ice used to build this hotel is a renewable source that is recycled each year when it melts and returns to the river. In a similar way, our Saab BioPower engines are able to run on bio-ethanol, a renewable fuel with a greatly reduced CO2 impact."

The Saab 9-3 is encased in an ice garage made out of 60 ice blocks. The garage in itself weighs approximately 30 tons. All of this ice comes from one of Europe's purest rivers, the River Torne. The estimated 500 people that will attend the Saab Ice Experience will get the chance not only to marvel at the 9-3 Convertible encased in ice but also marvel at the intricacy and the wonderfully built ice hotel. The car, by the way, is reported to be visible from as far as a kilometer away. The blue paint of the convertible shines through the ice and gives a whole new meaning to the term Northern Lights.

The ICEHOTEL started when a batch of Japanese ice artists visited the area where the hotel is built every year and created an exhibition of ice art. The following year, Janot Derid, a French artist also held an exhibition in an igloo in the same area - the exhibition hall is where some of the visitors spend their nights when visiting the place. They were the first "guests" of the hotel. From then on, the idea of creating a hotel made out of snow took off and the infrastructures were then featured on magazines, newspapers, television, and other media. This made the ice hotel very famous and has since received a lot of visitors every year. Saab's choice of the venue for their Saab Ice Experience cannot be more fitting.

The entire hotel is made out of snow and ice, even the glasses used on the bar is made from ice. The hotel has 80 rooms for their guests, has a bar, a reception area full of ice sculptures, and a chapel.