Fedex Express to Use Hybrid Delivery Trucks in Denver

by : Anthony Fontanelle

FedEx Express, the world's largest cargo airline, recently unveiled four hybrid electric medium-duty trucks which will be used in the Denver metropolitan area as part of their business fleet. The four vehicles were unveiled in a press conference attended by Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colo.). Salazar is a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and is also one of the leading figures in the US Senate calling for the development of alternative fuels to reduce or eliminate dependency on foreign oil, enhance national security, protect land and water resources, and create new jobs throughout America.

During the press conference, Sen. Salazar stated that: "The FedEx hybrid truck is an excellent example of how one company can take steps to improve our air quality while reducing dependency on foreign oil. I, along with a bipartisan group of my Senate colleagues, am championing efforts that will provide incentives for American automobile manufactures and businesses to produce and use more hybrid and flex-fuel vehicles. I applaud FedEx for taking a leadership role in investing in this technology that delivers cleaner air in our community."

Meanwhile, FedEx Express' Vice President of Global Vehicles, John Formisano, said that: "The introduction of these hybrid vehicles in Denver is another milestone in our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship. FedEx thanks Sen. Salazar for his leadership, and we are hopeful that his effort will help spur manufacturing in the hybrid sector to bring down costs and allow FedEx to introduce more of these outstanding vehicles in cities across Colorado and the country."

The four hybrid electric vehicles were developed for FedEx Express by the Environmental Defense and Eaton Corporation. The new vehicles are designed to produce lesser emission and consume less fuel while at the same time still offer adequate power for the trucks to perform their jobs efficiently as efficient as the brake components which can be found at . The hybrid trucks are designed to give off cleaner emissions and also increase the fuel economy which is evident on the figures released by its developer.

According to tests performed on the vehicle, it reduces soot by 96 percent and smog causing emissions by as much as 65 percent. The hybrid vehicles also travels 57 percent farther on one gallon of gasoline compared to conventional engines which runs on gasoline alone. This means that fuel consumption is reduced by as much as 33 percent. With all the fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions, the trucks still operates and performs just like any other trucks with conventional gasoline engine.

The production of the hybrid electric vehicles is the product of the joining of forces of FedEx Express Environmental Defense to develop and produce a new wave of cleaner and more fuel-efficient delivery trucks. FedEx is the first company to have employed hybrid trucks in their business. They have successfully converted their medium-duty truck fleet to hybrid vehicles. As of today, FedEx Express has a total of 93 hybrid vehicles which all operate in major cities like New York, Sacramento, and Washington D.C.

The use of the hybrid vehicles in the delivery of cargoes by FedEx express will help them cut down costs in fuel consumption. While they are enjoying the benefit of the vehicle's fuel efficiency they are doing their share in the protection of natural resources. With continuous development in the field conducted by dedicated companies, production cost of hybrid vehicles will significantly decrease. This will translate to lower prices of the units which in turn will make other companies follow in the steps of FedEx and other companies who are now using hybrid vehicles on their fleets.