Nissan Offers More Addition to the Micra

by : Lauren Woods

Ever since its inception in the market, the Nissan Micra has been known as the best supermini in the market today. The reputation of the car's maker is one of the reasons for the Micra's popularity. The quality and reliability that accompany the carmaker's name is a good selling point for the car. Moreover, the car's charming look has made it one of the most serious competitors in its segment. It may look small on the outside but the Nissan Micra boasts of a roomy interior. It also features a diesel engine which makes it perfect for consumers who are in the market for fuel efficient cars.

While the car looks good enough, a variety of aftermarket products can be added to it to further increase its performance and aesthetic value. This is the focus of Nissan in their release of three different accessory packs. These are the Family Pack, the Interior Styling Pack, and the Technology Pack. These enhancements are just like an component which is employed by gasoline engines to improve their performance and fuel economy. Nissan's aim is to give Micra owners to further enhance their vehicle in terms of entertainment, interior styling, and technological features. With the addition of these accessory packs, a Nissan Micra unit will not only look good but also will improve the convenience and comfort of its users.

The first accessory pack is the Family Pack. This set includes a DVD Rear Seat Entertainment System which gives the Micra's occupants an optimum level in entertainment. It also includes tailor made sun blinds for the rear and side windows. These blinds reduce the glare which can be quite an inconvenience when watching a movie. The package costs less than when these are accessories are bought separately. With this package, Nissan Micra passengers can sit back and relax while on a trip. While they are enjoying their favorite movie, the adequate leg space provided by the car's interior will come into play.

The second package dubbed as the Interior Styling Pack improves the interior elegance of the Micra. The option includes a Race Alloy gear knob which gives the driver a feeling of luxury when changing gears. It also raises the aesthetic value of the interior of the car, thanks to its sporty alloy finish. The second option also includes an Interior Styling Kit in Ivory or Silver. With this, Micra owners can change the interior theme of their car to suit their taste. Individuality is what this package brings to the table as it lets the user transmit to the car his or her preference in styling. Buying these kits in a package will also cost a Nissan Micra owner 30 percent less than when these interior styling kits are bought separately.

The third and last option is the Technology Pack. This package gives users the advantage of having technologically advanced features in their cars. This comes with a Thatcham Approved Alarm that effectively works to keep burglars at bay. This is a good investment for a car since any Micra, or any other vehicle for that matter, is something that should be kept secured. The package also comes with an Ultrasonic rear park assist system. This feature allows drivers to ark their car safely. This also comes in handy for those with children since the system can warn the user if a child is in its way. Purchasing these systems separately would cost 20 percent more than what the package costs.

These packages are available for either new Micras or those who have been bought previously. Aside from giving Micra owners a chance to enhance their car, Nissan also does it with relatively lower costs.