Dodge Sets Free a Roadster Demon With Soulful Attitude

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Ever wondered how the Dodge could transform into something wicked and devilish when it comes to roadster performance? Anticipation is soon to end this coming March at the Geneva Auto Show which would be held in Switzerland as the automaker intends to unravel the Dodge Demon - a sporty little rear-wheel-drive concept roadster.

How do you gauge a sporty roadster demon? It should be artsy, diabolical and a true dare-devil roadster. This formula is expected to create radical results among auto aficionados. That formula and more are resorted to by Dodge to create a compact, nimble and sporty roadster with soulful attitude. The roadster balances the classic sports car appeal with simplicity, modern design and performance to pave way for above-average vehicle.

For the very first time, the Dodge Demon will be flaunted at the International Motor Show in Geneva next month. "While the iconic Dodge Viper is a dream car for many, the Dodge Demon is designed to be an attainable dream car," said Jae Chung - Dodge Demon Principal Exterior Designer for the Chrysler Group. "The exterior design is simple yet bold, featuring an energetic combination of curves and intersecting planes."

From the outside, the stunning temptress shows off its voluptuous bodyside that features flowing lines and curves. The lines flow up and over the front wheel of the roadster then drop diagonally to the rear fender. It directs cooling air to the rear brakes and . In addition, the compound rear fender surface curves up and over the rear wheel, reaching the trapezoidal taillamp. The latter uses sport translucent red inset lenses to blend the LED back-up lamps.

The distinct Dodge signature is mirrored in the Demon's crosshair grille which is stuffed with aggressive opening that is thrust forward. Other artsy features of the roadster concept include the projector headlamps, elongated angled triangles and black chrome bezels that serve as Demon's eyes. To add a brand new drive feel Dodge entertained a hinged hood aura.

"In the manner of timeless British sports cars, the interior of the Dodge Demon is purposely functional, not frivolous," said Dan Zimmermann, Dodge Demon Principal Interior Designer. "Everything relating to the driving experience is emphasized, while that which is not is made visually secondary."

Zimmermann added, "The well laid out instrument panel, for example, is familiar, yet modern. Everything you really need - the gauges, circular AC outlets, radio - is encapsulated in a cross-car brushed aluminum bezel that also accentuates the width of the cabin. Secondary controls and features, such as the HVAC knobs and the passenger-side glove box, are located below this bezel."

The Dodge Demon brings forth lots of promises. From auto parts quality, performance, style and drive feel the automaker ensures that the Demon's features could make it a hot-selling car. The Demon features open-spoke design, 19-inch brushed aluminum wheels, playful planes, silver and black manual shift knob, leather boot, silver and chrome bezel ring, and more. These features contribute to the roadster's "fun-to-drive" attitude. "Each of these features is set flush, or nearly flush, with the bezel surface so as to establish a 'clear zone' for the driver's shift arm in all seating positions, with nothing in the way of the driving experience."

Dodge does not intend to mass produce the roadster as early as this year. However, it will be considering the reactions of the consumers to warrant a feasibility study. If the concept will be produced, the automaker will be offering it with a base price similar to the Mazda Miata and the Pontiac Solstice.