The Amazing GPS System

by : Keith Pomeroy

The AMAZING GPS system.

Every where you turn, there is another GPS system. They have put it in cell phones, hand held units for wilderness treckers, boats, trucks and cars. Some of them have voice instructions. One poor slob in a car was told by his GPS "Turn left" so he did. Right into the traffic going the other way. He just didn't wait till he got to the next left turn intersection. They all come with some kind of map scheme. Some of them you can put in your destination and you just follow the directions. What an incredible device that you can know exactly where you are within a few feet. One drawback to a lot of these schemes is that it only works where you are.

Well, a small company in Tempe, AZ came up with a fantastic addition to a GPS system. They found a way to use digital communication links which works with all the cellular phone systems. They combined that with a GPS system to give visual precise map locations and the crowning addition of satellite pictures which can identify the exact position of a vehicle in a crowded parking lot. What is even more amazing, they combined all this on the internet. All you need is a computer with internet access and you are able to track your vehicle wherever it goes. The radio link works on a digital signal method which has much greater range than standard voice communication. This means virtually no blind spots in coverage.

The value of a system like this can be seen in the fact that it started in a small way in the USA, but has now spread to more than 180 countries world wide. There many advantages in being able to locate a stolen vehicle in minutes. Professional thieves do not have time to strip it for parts or remove a valuable cargo from a truck before you can direct police to the location. There are many other very useful built in capabilities. For instance, the peace of mind the private car owner has when teenagers or elderly parents borrow the car and are out late at night. The company that owns a fleet of trucks can really do a lot to improve it's profitability, for instance:-
&bullThere is a way to ensure your fuel costs are reduced
&bullIt is possible to tell when your vehicles are making unauthorized side trips or speeding.
&bullWhen one knows where the vehicles are at all times, it is possible to reroute more efficiently to meet late breaking requirements.
&bullIf there is valuable cargo or expensive equipment for the job, then one can track those valuables for the police to recover it and catch the thieves
&bullSome of the insurance costs can be reduced.

Other features allow for ignition disable, door unlock, warning if a vehicle is moved beyond a preset geometrical distance, warn when a set speed has been exceeded, and check on mileage versus fuel costs. As examples, a company in Anaheim with a truck fleet had drivers leaving for work at 4.30 am. The empty freeways had them hauling at over 70 mph , but with this monitoring system, they could be checked. The result was consistent 55 mph and a reduction in fuel costs from $12.000 to $9.000 per month. Another company found it protected it's employees as they were accused of being late for scheduled installations. Records showed that they arrived on site on time. One of their employees said "If you feel that GPS is an invasion, then there's something you have to hide".
That same company recovered their investment in GOS technology within 3 months just by routing their drivers more efficiently, and by checking mileage traveled against fuel purchases. Another Florida truck was stolen in the far southwest of the state and the owners worked with several police departments further north. The truck was finally located in the far north of the state by the Suwannee County sheriff's department based on the GPS data from the owners. The deputies were able to arrest five transients from the Bonita Springs area, only one of which spoke English. In another case, a small business trucker was virtually put out of business when his truck was stolen. When found, all the valuable cargo was stolen. If he had had one of these systems, the perpetrators would have been found and arrested.
It has been reported that it was installed in a school bus system somewhere in Minnesota. This enabled the school operators to check on bus locations and to defuse irate parents who accuse the bus of arriving early and not picking up their kids. It is used by ambulance services, plumbing contractors, long distance and short haul truckers, particularly those with valuable cargos. Some police and fire departments also use this system. And of course, people concerned about teenagers and elderly parents get peace of mind, as well as those who own mega expensive classic cars in which they have invested thousands. If you know anyone who could use a system like this, where they would be able to save money, have better control of their business and the peace of mind that that brings, then have them call me for more information. My name is Keith Pomeroy and you can reach me at 1-800-548-6098.. Ext. 103. If I don't answer, leave a message and I will call you to answer any questions you may have.