The Jeep Commander: the Fusion of the Old and the New

by : Correy Putton

More than 60 years ago, Jeep invented the sport utility vehicle which is now a large market where the competition is fierce. But the company that started it all is still on the top of that class and is continually providing the public with great off road vehicles known for their toughness. One of the vehicles released by the brand in addition to its already stellar lineup is the Jeep Commander. This sport utility vehicle combined the past and the present in its design and construction.

The exterior design of the Jeep Commander is straight out of the past, bearing exterior design characteristics from its forefathers, most notably the Jeep Cherokee which was last produced in 2001. The design team behind the Jeep Commander looked at the past for an inspiration and what has sprung forth is a vehicle with sharp lines, planar surfaces and rugged looks, attributes commonly seen on the Jeep models of the past decades. The overall image the vehicle is projecting is one of strength and confidence.

It also has that high level of performance that the Jeep line has been known for. It has a full time four wheel drive configuration which can tackle the harshest off road conditions. Its V8 engine is capable enough to provide power to whichever wheel needs traction. The vehicle has such a high level of off road capability, thanks to the suspension system straight out of the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee an award winning 4x4 vehicle, to which an independent front suspension is added and a rack and pinion steering gear. Combine all that with all the other reliable and tough and you have a 4x4 vehicle which is on top of its class.

Safety is of the utmost concern especially due to the fact that the car is an off road vehicle subjected to extremely rugged terrain. The vehicle is the first model from the Chrysler group to feature an electronic roll mitigation which uses input from multiple sensors to determine which airbag to deploy in some rollover scenarios and side impact accidents too. It also has advanced multi-stage airbags with an Occupant Classification System, seatbelts with pretensioners and digressive load limiting retractors, aside from that a buckle-up reminder system is integrated to the drivers controls and gauges.

To protect the vehicle and its occupants from crashes, it is equipped with an Electronic Stability Proram (ESP), anti-lock brake system (ABS), and an All-Speed Traction Control System. It is also equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system, a rear park assist system, hands-free communications, a DVD-based navigation system, SmartBeam headlamps and rain sensitive wipers. All of these safety features are great additions to a great car.