Skoda Roomster Give Customers Options

by : Natalie Anderson

The new Skoda Roomster that was introduced in late 2006 boosts the versatility to the Skoda range. The Roomster looks like a modern van but its big window areas and panoramic glass roof qualifies it as a family car.

The Roomster clearly embodies Skoda's identity. Its front end resembles the Octavia and Fabia while its large side doors with glass section that runs well back to the rear in one piece provides the Roomster with a sporty look.

The Roomster 1.4 liter petrol engine is similar to the one used in Fabia and entry Octavia models. And since the Skoda is a subsidiary of the German automaker you can expect a lot of Volkswagen influence in the engine performance.

The engine output is rated at 75bhp which is considered average for a car at the small family saloon category. The engine torque is reasonably good and enables the Roomster to achieve 0 to 1000km/hr acceleration in just a matter of 13 seconds. The acceleration of the Roomster is reasonable for a family car.

The Roomster tops its other competition in this sector when it comes to power and performance. It is the most stylish and the less-van like as compared to others like the Citroen Berlingo, Peigeot Partner and Renault Kangoo. Both the Berligo and the Partner use similar 1.4 liter engines while the Kangoo has a 1.2 liter entry model. All three are offered as small vans even when the suspensions and fittings are designed for a car market.

Skoda has good news, its 1.2 liter Roomster is going to be launched in Ireland and even though it is lower in power you can expect the price will be affordable too. According to Skoda this will broaden the Roomster market that will put it ahead of the competition.

The Roomster although considered as a small MPV its fuel rating is a little less sharp. Its combined fuel economy rating is only 6.8 litres/100km or 41mpg. However its 1.4 liter turbo-diesel version provides almost 50% better economy but cost an extra ?2,000 before delivery charges.

One of the unique features that the Roomster is its flexible rear seating which Skoda calls as the VarioFlex folding rear seat system. This system enables the used of three rear seats and that's not all, with the two outer seats joined together a four seat configuration with more elbow room is produced. The rear seats can slide up to 150mm on a floor rail to provide comfortable seating rooms. The angles of the rear seats are also adjustable.

Another appealing feature of the Roomster is its spacious rear room. The high roofline provides an airy rear section for optimal riding pleasure. The doors are also made big and wide fro easy access. In terms of safety features the Roomster is well equipped with it. As a fact, it has received five star safety rating in the EuroNCAP tests for adult occupant protection and achieved a four out of five rating for child safety. Very few cars have achieved such high safety ratings.

The safety standard features of the Roomster include: six airbags, ABS braking system and a new electro-hydraulic power steering. Its power windows are made accessible for front seat passengers. It also has a MP3 Compatible CD Player with radio will entertain passengers through its 4-speaker sound system.

The entry price for the 1.4 liter Skoda Roomster is ?17,290 doesn't exclude delivery charges which is lower by ?1,500 that it's nearest rival the Renault Kangoo which has a smaller and less powerful engine. If you want for your Roomster to have 50% better economy you will have to add ?2,000.

The acquisition and redevelopment of Skoda by Volkswagen has helped it to become a global force in the industry. Volkswagen is the largest German automaker and ranked fourth in the world next to GM, Toyota and Ford. VW is famous for its top-of-the-line automobiles and popular brand of auto parts such as .