Renting A Wheelchair Lift

by : Low Jeremy

Jerry is a college sophomore. This person was fond of extreme sports and would never back down when where there was a challenge.

When someone on television was able to go up a 65-degree slope using a motorbike, some friends dared this individual to do the same thing. Unfortunately the ending was different and Jerry had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks.

Doctors who examined Jerry said that this person had a concussion on the head, a broken right elbow and a dislocated knee. The only good news was that the patient would be able to have 100% recovery.

The only way for this person to go around was on a wheelchair. Since Jerry didn't like being pushed and couldn't do it alone, the only thing left to do was to get an electric wheelchair.

The electric wheelchair is also known as the power chair. This is very similar to the ordinary model except for two things. First, the larger wheels on this one are in front instead of the rear. Second, it is powered by a battery with a joystick as the controls mounted on the armrest.

Booking for a rental is very simple. Here are the 5 steps that the parents took in getting the electric wheelchair.

First, the customer should get in touch with the store. Some may be found in the Internet while there are also some that could be in the local directory.

Second, the individual must explain the kind of wheelchair that will be needed. This depends on the need of the one using it.

Third, when the ideal wheelchair is found, it is time to book this using a credit card. Those who rent a unit for less than a month will be charged full price. Patient's like Jerry who will use it for an extended period will just pay for the deposit up front then billed for the remainder later on.

Next, the person will pick up the electric wheelchair. This should be inspected for any damages so that the customer will not be charged for any damages if the former client used this.

Lastly, this should be returned after using it. This can be dropped off at the store, picked up at home or at a designated meeting place.

Renting an electric wheelchair is like getting a car for a few days. The person should take good care of it so that the next customer will also be able to use it.