In a Crowded Sedan Market, Lincoln Rules

by : Correy Putton

The Lincoln MKZ is trying to enhance the popularity built by the LincolnZephyr, its predecessor, as it tries to invade the sedan segment. Currently, the car is facing one tough competition. Compared to its previous standing using the name Lincoln Zephyr, the new entry-level luxury sedan of Lincoln is said to be more powerful, efficient and stylish.

The Lincoln MKZ, originally known for its Zephyr V-12 performance and aerodynamic styling, became extremely popular in the sedan segment as a 1936 model. The popularity continues until Ford Motor Company decided to stop its production to concentrate on the production of World War II military vehicles. After the detrimental war, Ford decided to continue with the Lincoln Zephyr's production.

In 1948, the automaker, for the third time stopped the production of the Lincoln Zephyr. It was only in 2005 when Ford entertained Zephyr's renaissance to boost Lincoln sales. The 2006 version of the sedan was primarily intended to cater to the desires of the young generation drivers. To effectuate the intention, were transformed into vivacious, attractive and active. Said version of the car was designed to lure the purchasers of Acura TL, Lexus ES, Cadillac CTS and other cars for the young generation and it turned out to be successful.

Ford reported that nearly 40 per cent of Lincoln Zephyr buyers switched from non-Ford products. The automaker also reported a total of 35,000 Lincoln Zephyr units sold for the entire year. The figure is about 30 per cent more than it had originally projected. The purchasers of the new breed of the Lincoln Zephyr is said to be well under the 60-year-old age of the average Lincoln owner.

Some analysts are wondering why Ford changed Zephyr to the Lincoln MKZ, when in fact the automaker is claiming success over the new vehicle. In connection to the said query, Ford responded that the new name is anchored on the new model naming convention for Lincoln. Said naming convention includes the recently introduced the Lincoln MKX crossover.

Other critics in the industry said that the new naming convention adapted by the automaker is tenable. It made the distinction of the new and the old easy and obvious. Further, it also serves as a notice on which Lincoln vehicles have undergone substantial modifications, upgrades and adrenaline boost.

One of the aces of the Lincoln MKZ from its predecessors is the all-aluminum 3.5-liter V-6 engine. The old Zephyr is given striking however the Lincoln MKZ is given more than that. The new engine meets and exceeds expectations of auto enthusiasts. In fact, it delivers 42 more horsepower and 44 more pounds-feet of torque than the Zephyr's V-6. The figures are higher than was earlier announced by Ford.

Lincoln is now busy promoting its new lineup that includes the Lincoln MKR, the latest crossover from the brand. "We've reinterpreted the best of Lincoln designs over time, preserving the restraint and elegance synonymous with the brand," said Peter Horbury, a Ford design director. "The Lincoln MKR concept is sophisticated and modern, resembling an athlete -- extremely strong and fit but looks elegant in a tuxedo. This romantic, sporting coupe should turn heads. And, ultimately, this new design language will help lead us forward in the growing premium segment."