Infinitis Quest for Luxury Car Supremacy

by : Correy Putton

A few years ago, with the luxury brand on the verge of distinction, most people might have thought that they have dug a hole too deep for them. But with the refocusing and renewed dedication by the men behind Infiniti to innovate and develop a new and powerful line-up of luxury sport vehicle made this Nissan-owned brand one serious contender to other Asian luxury car brands like Lexus and Acura.

The rise of the company and its subsequent success was in part due to the release of the Infiniti G35 in 2002. This model almost single-handedly put Infiniti back on the map and it started on its way as a competitor in the luxury car market. Remaining loyal to the model that may have saved them from demise, the company committed itself to producing three different models in 13 months which started with the release of the Infiniti G Sedan last fall.

With much progress being made by the company in terms of profits, Infiniti will follow the release of the vehicle with the unveiling of the new design of the Infiniti G Coupe in April this year at the New York International Auto Show. With the combined engineering efforts of the company and its high performance , much speculation and expectation surround the release of the new age Infiniti G Coupe.

The release of the said model is expected to boost the company's financial status, riding on the waves of their previous success on the G Sedan. The fast selling luxury sedan has increased the sales in the Infiniti line-up 65.5 percent better than the previous year in the month of December. That season is the best ever for the luxury brand which was started by Nissan to compete with Toyota and Honda's luxury car brands. And compete it does since the year 2002 with the release of the Infiniti G35; the company was dubbed the "Japanese BMW".

To complete the promised three models in its 13 months' commitment, Infiniti will also be showing off its SUV crossover concept at the same auto show. Much like the Infiniti G Coupe, much is expected from this new concept from the company. It will be a preview of what the company will be releasing late this year.

The release of the three new models will see the brand moving away from its Nissan roots. Its vision of breaking away from its traditional designs into more dynamic and high performance vehicles is now being set into gear.