Navigon Directs New Porsches Navigation

by : Correy Putton

Porsche found a new ally in NAVIGON, one of the world's leading companies in navigation software. Earlier, NAVIGON delivered a special sneak peek of a sophisticated portable navigation device at the new P'9611 by Porsche Design Group.

P'9611 is the latest and most excellent luxury navigation product that directs selected Porsche vehicles. It is designed to avoid traffic jams and other navigation obstacles. According to the manufacturer, the package offers intuitive, full-featured NAVIGON experience in a super-sleek, timeless form factor. "We're thrilled to be a part of this product," said Andreas Hecht, NAVIGON's General Manager for the Americas. "It's a beautiful realization of design and innovation and represents the cutting-edge of navigation."

NAVIGON is the first company that offers subscription free traffic for the lifetime of its product. The product has a built-in Traffic Message Channel (TMC) functionality that provides alternative routes to the driver. The revolutionary lane assistant, on the other hand, delivers seamless navigation guidance through intricate junctures. When the territory includes multi-lane roads, NAVIGON software displays to the driver a path that he has to follow to maintain the projected route.

P'9611 also boasts of the new MobileNavigator (MN) Premium(TM) software under its hood. Said feature reinvigorates the navigation user experience by an essential list of smart, intuitive category-leading features that include superior text-to-speech capabilities, "street first" or "city first" destination entry, and predictive spelling support. Other features include actual sign text, speed warnings, and automatic increases in navigation message volume to compensate for driving noise.

Other key features of NAVIGON include a high-contrast 480 x 272 touch screen, 520 MHz Intel CPU, dual processor platform, high-sensitivity GPS receiver, hands-free Bluetooth communications kits, graphics accelerator chip, 64 MB of both RAM and ROM, high quality built-in speakers, and a windshield cradle that is among the most thoughtfully designed in the category. The sensational product is scheduled to go on sale this summer. It will be priced at $899.

NAVIGON, a leading name in the creation of navigation software solutions for some of the world's best-known brands in consumer electronics, was founded in Germany in 1991. Since then, the company has showcased several innovations that have boosted its outstanding standing worldwide. In fact, it is has invented the world's first mobile GPS navigation product. Now, it is focused on creating an award-winning MobileNavigator line of navigation software.

Porsche, upon the one hand, is concentrating on the promotion of its new vehicle lineup. Earlier, the automaker has officially taken the wraps off its new Cayenne that comes in 3 variants - the V6, Cayenne S and the turbo. The introduction of the vehicles is anchored on its aim to maintain the chain of success in performance SUV segment. All-new Cayenne is given upgraded to make it more stylish, innovative and high performing. Now it looks more agile and aggressive in all angles.

Aside from the captivating body design, Cayenne also boasts its new engine power. From the 3.2 liters engine, it is now increased to 3.6 liters engine that is capable of producing 290hp and 283lb-ft of torque and delivers greater fuel economy than the previous engine. The V8 in the S model delivers 385hp and 369 lb-ft of torque while delivering a 15 percent increase in fuel economy. Further, Cayenne Turbo is now offering 500hp and an astounding 516 lb-ft of torque. The new Cayenne epitomizes improvement on an already impressive sport utility vehicle.