The Towering Chevy Tahoe 4wd Z71

by : Correy Putton

With the number of SUV owners increasing steadily, it comes as no surprise that there are more and more SUVs being offered to the public by different manufacturers. This may be a trend that may continue for a while, but one thing we know is that great cars never go out of fashion. They may gather years but their performance and their entire design will be a lasting legacy, affecting the designs of future automobiles.

And if you are ready to go into the full size SUV class, the Chevy Tahoe is just right for you. It is loaded with awesome features and toys you would surely want to be in your car. It is one of those full sized SUVs that commands attention and turn heads every turn of the road. Though the car is pretty much designed to be an off-roader, taking on the raw streets of Mother Nature, city driving aboard it is just as goods an experience.

The car is designed to be able to take to even the harshest terrain with the comfort of the driver and the passenger not being left to chance. The car is supported by a multi-link suspension system at the rear ensuring driving stability and comfort for those on board. Speaking of comfort, the Tahoe comes with plush leather 6-way power bucket seats to take care of your rear end especially during long and bumpy rides. It can accommodate up to 6 passengers with still room to spare and in the process giving the occupants enough leg room and head space. For entertainment, it comes with an FM/AM/CD audio system with rear controls. Even the steering wheel speaks of luxury for it is covered in leather and with tilt adjusts for better positioning and convenience in driving for anyone behind the wheel.

To complement all those amenities the car has, the engine is not surprisingly of high caliber just like the used in the construction of the truck. Its power plant is a 5300 Vortec V8 engine which churns out a respectable 285 horsepower at 5200 revs per minute and 325 lb-ft of torque at 4000 revs. While this V8 may seem to be very powerful, and of course it is, but it is a quiet one at that. Noise and vibrations are significantly reduced inside the cabin giving the passenger a nice and quiet trip, adding to the comfort of the passengers especially during extended road trips. Bridging the gap between the engine and the 17" off-road steel belted radials is a 4 speed automatic transmission. Along with that, the car is equipped with the Autotrac system which quickly adjusts the car under varying road conditions. It can disengage the four-wheel drive during city driving or when extra traction is not necessarily needed to increase the savings in fuel consumption, and turn it on quickly once traction is needed in any wheel. Now, is that convenient or what?

While the fuel consumption is a bit high, rated at 14 mpg on city streets or 17 mpg on the open highway, the numbers are just the same as its competitor in the same market. And by finely tuning the car to its full potential, gas savings can be increased, just the same as with any other car. So, it goes without saying that the Chevy Tahoe is one of the best full-size SUVs in the market today and with the company producing it bent on upgrading the model, we can all look forward to an even better version of this vehicle.