Networking Basics Turn Yourself Into A Profit Making Giant

by : Costa Dedes

I would like to introduce you to one of my brick and mortar business I run. It is called AFM Computer Repair. This business takes me about 5 hours a week, yet I usually make a few hundred dollars cash in my pocket spending money a week. Now I know what everyone is thinking, 'How the HELL do you run a brick and mortar business with only 5 hours of your time a week!'. Well its quite simple. Its called networking. Ok I admit the location isn't mine, it doesn't have my name on it. But the benefits are great I don't pay monthly bills! This is like a dream come true, your own store with no bills.

OK let me explain a little more. The business sells refurbished computers that are supplied by a local computer recycler. I networked myself with a few local business owner in my home town and managed to find a few people who could be interested in selling PC products. After getting the names and locations of each business I wrote up a presentation and showed them the benefits of having me in the store selling my products. The owners almost dropped to their knees begging me to setup my displays. A week later I had three shops all selling computer for ME. I had no overhead I did not even need to be in the store for more then a few hours each week.

The secrets to networking is to find a product you are interested in. Once you have found the product learn more about it. Once you learned enough about the product, read about it some more until it is so well into your memory you have no questions about it. Then prepare a list of possible business to market your product in. I recommend small locally owned businesses in downtown parts of your town, example would be a corner store where people hang out to buy beer and cigarettes you know people will be in and out all day. Then prepare your presentation. Make sure you can answer the most outrageous questions on your products. Do not forget the part that will make your perspective partner drop to his knees asking you to come sell in his shop. The secret to this is 'Make him an offer he cant refuse'. No no, I don't mean get the mob over and break his knees. What you need to do is tell him that your product will give him extra cash with no investment. The owner does not have to purchase any of your products up front. You own all the products until they are sold. Once they are sold you write up a bill and give it to the shop owner. You make sure you give them a good cut of the money. Depending on your product that can be anywhere from 15% to 60%. If you keep the shop owner happy I promise you that the money you see will continue to come for years.

Specific example: Lets say you want to start small. Purchase a box of lighters from . Then go to a locally owned store and give them a presentation on your products. Make sure you purchase an interesting type of lighter. Yes you can purchase the plain lighters but they are harder to market. The ones that look like cigarettes are a good buy so lets try them. They cost you 82 cents a piece after shipping. I have seen these selling as high as 5.99 in some good markets. Lets take a bad price of 2.25 per lighter. You sell them all within a week, that's $108.00, now you owe the shop owner some money, lets say 20%. You send him a bill for $86.40 . He makes a little over $20.00 and is happy, he did no work and made some money for his shop. You profited $47.04 lets say you have only 5 shops signed up with you. That is $235.20 profit in your pocket. Ok lets say you sold the lighters for $5.99 because you are in a tourist area and the tourist always go for these things. You would see a profit of over $190.00 from one case. Imagine that times 10 stores a week. You see where networking with local business will make you big cash now? The next time you go to a mini mart look at the counter, ask them where do you get your lighters from most of the time they get them outsourced by people like yourself. Now go out there and make some cash!

Thanks for reading my stories.