Click it or Ticket - by Arthur L Burton III

by : Arthur L Burton III

Click it or Ticket

By Arthur L Burton III

There is a serious problem with driving nowadays. The epidemic of not using signal indicator and erratic driving has caused some deadly accidents on the highways and local streets of New York City . It has become the new phase on the roads today, cut the person driving off and disregard the simplest tool to use in your car, the signal indicator. Today drivers deliberately drive without any courtesy and this is a major cause of road rage today. Driving normally on the roadways is a problem today due to add on parts on cars today. The dealers and auto shops are making plenty of money tinting windows, repositioning license plates so that are place crooked on the back of car bumpers. This causes a driver inside a pimped out ride to believe that he must drive so fast on the roads that he has become a nuisance and a danger to other drivers. As you are driving on the highways and local streets of New York you had better watch your mirrors because when you signal to get into a free lane the car behind you will not signal and try to jump in the lane behind you and then pass you. An accident waiting to happen, some drivers should have placed on the front hood and trunk of their cars. If you are every driving and you plan on doing the speed limit the safest place for you would probably be on the shoulder because even the right lane has become a passing lane for erratic drivers these days. It is so bad that in New York the new phase is tailgating and flashing the high beam lights because you are doing 60 miles and hour and the posted speed limit is 55 miles per hour. Something has to be done, this cannot continue. A Driver License is a license given and if you kill someone purposely driving recklessly you can be prosecuted but since the involuntary manslaughter law is rarely used in a vehicular accident drivers seem not to care. The Department of Motor Vehicle is a business, but it's in the wrong business. Parking tickets is not priority, or is it? The Department of Motor Vehicle needs to protect the licensed driver by doing something about these drivers that deliberately are endangering driver's lives every time they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

If you don't click it, you need a ticket should be the new campaign in New York City . Not only should you click your seatbelt but you should also click your signal and as to warn other drivers that you are changing lanes. Is it in the drivers manual that when you are going to stop double parked that you use your signal? I thought it was the hazard lights you should use because you are a hazard because you have stopped and you are hazard let alone breaking the law. There needs to courtesy extended to the other drivers on the road. Old people, young people, all races it seems have forgotten that you are supposed to use the signal lights when turning. The bad thing is that some drivers don't use the signal regularly and you often see the motor vehicle changing lanes with the wrong signal light blinking; that is if they decide to use it at all.

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