Ford Begins Super Duty Production at Kentucky Plant

by : Chuck Smith

Ford Motor Co. has finally started its production for its new F-Series Super Duty pickup truck. The new truck from the automaker is expected to secure the already outstanding reputation of Ford when it comes to manufacturing trucks. According to enthusiasts, when you say Ford F-Series it means no less than excellent.

The new Super Duty truck from the automaker features outstanding that include tailgate step and swing up hand grab bar for easy access to the vehicle. The new pickup truck also boasts its new exterior and interior design. The new pickup is also equipped with a regular production bed.

The automaker has invested $65 million to make the Kentucky truck plant sophisticated and functional. The Kentucky plant of Ford is responsible for the meticulous assembly of advanced . The production of Kentucky plant will be augmented by the coming of F-550. Employees in the plant cheered during the first day of assembly. Currently, the plant employs 4,848 hourly workers and 306 salaried employees. They will work to produce large volumes of F-250 to F-550 Super Duty pickup trucks.

Mark Fields, Ford's president of the Americas, said that the start of production was an important milestone in an increasingly competitive truck market. "Our competition is benchmarking what we have today, and we've spent a lot of time developing the truck of tomorrow," He continued. "It's a very, very important launch to us -- both from a volume standpoint, a profit standpoint and from an image standpoint of Ford being very serious about retaining its leadership in trucks."

Critics and experts alike believe that Super Duty trucks will maintain its remarkable reputation in the auto industry. Bob King, a United Auto Workers vice president, said the new Super Duty trucks would stack up against other vehicles in the market, including foreign competitors.

The 2008 Super Duty from the second generation was introduced at the Texas State Fair this year. Moreover, the automaker intends to release its new generation F-450 late next year. According to critics, the bread and butter vehicles of Ford will be hard to topple.