Jaguar Revving Up With New Vehicles

by : Michelle Crimson

After the scare of being sold to yet another owner, the Jaguar brand seems not be at any cost affected by the situation. In fact, it just continues to live and thrive and battle it out in the auto industry just like it did before. And at present, the brand is showing signs of more power and even more creations through new vehicle models that the brand is sending out to the motoring public.

There are two vehicle models that the public should be aware about. One is the 2008 Jaguar XJ production vehicle while the other one is the Jaguar XF concept car. It would be very interesting to find out just how these two new ones look like and what unique features do they have to offer? Do they have the best looking wheels in the whole auto planet? Or do they have the most complicated and most high technology that you may get enthralled with?

So what are these vehicles?

The 2008 Jaguar XJ is actually a sedan and as a production vehicle which has been making its rounds previously, the company has announced that the vehicle would soon be going through a facelift. In fact, some people who have taken a peep at the Jaguar factory have seen the prototype of the upcoming 2008 Jaguar XJ to be quite a different one. It has got a new front fascia and the rear end has also been changed as well. Those who were able to take a look at the interior found it to have been redesigned for quite a bit.

If you are already raring to take a look at this one, then you have to do wait until the Geneva Motor Show which would be happening this March of 2007. But rumors have it that the new Jaguar XJ would also be coming with a new front grille, too.

As per the new Jaguar concept car, the Jaguar XF is rumored to come as a midsized luxury sedan. However, there are not much news as to what this one would look like. The only sure thing coming from the company on this vehicle is that it would be gracing the North American International Auto Show with its presence starting on January 3rd.