No Such Thing as a Government Car Auction

by : Cordel Dietzig

While you see the ads everywhere telling you to sign up for a free government car auction to be held at so and so, do not let the ads deceive you. There is no such thing as free government car auction.

Government or non-government, there is just no such thing as free. You have heard this a million times before, there is no such thing as a free lunch. There just isn't.

But there are cheap car auctions. The prices at auctions sites or venues vary. Some charge very high fees while others charge relatively lower.

Whether you only have to pay two dollars or as much as up to five hundred dollars, you always have to pay a fee once you decide to get engaged in car auctions.

Even with government auctions. They will still charge you fees for participating in the auction.

The reason why no such thing as free government car auction is simple, they have to cover the expenses incurred in holding the auction. Sometimes they pay for the venue, the materials or paraphernalia used at auction events.

If they give this to you for free, then they will end up losing money. They might as well hold a charity event in place of the auction.

As in all other things in this world, the reason why you get into trade or services to benefit or gain from it.

Why would you sell if you do not aim to get a profit of some sorts? They may say they hold free government auctions but the thing is, charges are always hidden somewhere. They just have to get back the costs.

But even without free government auctions, even if you have to pay a fee to enable you to participate in the bidding and if you get lucky, actually driving home your new car, well actually, newly bought second had car, you still end up getting so much more than what you pay for from acquiring a car from government car auctions.

The models they sell are most often than not well-maintained. Most importantly, they do not deceive you or rob you of your money as they are required by law to a full disclosure.

Meaning that they have to be honest about a car's defect before they put it up for auction. The inventory states it all. And this is one that you can actually get for free. It's all part of marketing expense.

You can get an inventory prior to the auction sale for free. This is to entice buyers to the auction as well. So before you go out to buy that car from the auction, be sure that you study the inventory list beforehand, if it is possible run a carfax on it so you know the car's history as well.

If you can afford to bring your mechanic, bring him in so he can inspect the car before you actually buy it. It is for this reason that you are not allowed to return the car once you have bought it.

You cannot return it if you feel you can't live with the defects which were made known to you beforehand. So you really have to do your homework. But most cars have very minor defects on them.