Get The Best From Government Auto Auctions

by : Cordel Dietzig

You may have already been feeling the need for the practicality, and comfort as well as safety of having your own car. However, you do not have enough money to afford the purchase of a new one.

You may have just earned your driving license. Or maybe just learning how to drive and can hardly wait for that very first car.

You may be a new couple starting out on your own. Or maybe a student leaving your house for the first time to start dormitory life at college. Or maybe you are just a bargain hunter who never tire of finding that great deal or one great buy that you will always cherish for the rest of your life.

You may just be car enthusiast who just wants to collect cars. Whatever group you come from, the surest way to save money and make value for money purchases is to attend government car auctions.

It is important to remember that cars sold at government car auctions sell far less than the brand new ones and even less than the ones bought at second hand car shops.

The cost of acquiring a car from the government can be up to ninety percent less than a brand new unit. The reason why these cars can be sold so cheap is because the longer the car is stored in inventory the higher the costs it would incur.

Cars depreciate at a fast pace. New models come up every time and the more you use your car, the more it takes its toll on the machine thereby greatly affecting the car's market value.

And cars sold at any auction, even government car auctions, are priced based on their fair market value. Meaning that factors such as depreciation and how much such models sell in the market are being considered.

And we all know very well that if an engine is kept stored or not being run for a period of time, it gets rusty. Thereby accelerating tis depreciation greatly.

That is besides the fact that the government seizes cars all the time. To cut cost on space leasing or rent, they have to move the inventory very quickly.

If not, that would add to their expenses again. This is why cars are priced cheap at government car auctions.

One other unique factor to consider in acquiring your car from government car auctions is the safety it provides.

Unlike some second hand car stores which do not entirely disclose to you what the car's defects are, government is sure to abide by the full disclosure law.

And also one other thing to consider from buying at government car auctions is the manner that these cars are sold cheaper than if you opt to buy with the regular dealers as dealers also get most of their inventory from the government sales itself.

So what better way to cut costs than if you buy from the source itself? So to make the most out of your money, never be afraid to check out the government car auctions.

Although you should also prepare yourself to be competitive as you may end up competing with up to two or more people interested in th same car you have in mind. So do your homework, keep a budget and all should be well with you.