Give Me $1 And Ill Have A Powerful Marketing Weapon

by : Al Martinovic

One of my most powerful marketing weapons actually costs me less than $1. I buy it once and it lasts me a lifetime. I use it over and over again and it never leaves my side.

What on earth could it be? Well, it's my trusty notebook! It is where I store all of my ideas.

Let me give you some examples. If I come across an email, even if it's sp*am, and the headline made me open up that email then by golly I will write that headline down in my notebook for future reference.

If the headline made me open the email then you can be sure others will open it as well. So in my trusty notebook I record all the email headlines that have captured my attention.

This way the next time I am writing an email to my list or prospects etc. or if I am stuck for a headline, all I have to do is refer to my notebook which has plenty of headlines to choose from.

But don't stop there! If you visit a website or read a newspaper etc. and come across a great headline... write it down! Keep doing this and eventually you'll have pages of headlines to choose from and to test in your marketing campaign.

Don't copy the headline word for word but rather use it as a reference and change it around to suit your own business. You'll find that many great headlines are actually recycled.

But don't stop there! If you are reading ad copy and come across a great word or phrase... write it down!

Again, eventually you'll have pages of words and phrases to choose from when writing ad copy. It is also useful when you have writers block. You can just open your trusty notebook and use a line or two and the next thing you know the next paragraph writes itself.

These are just a few of the ideas that I store in my trusty little notebook(s).

So get yourself a notebook or two and start storing your ideas. You'll be surprised at how often you will refer to it. And if you're like me, that notebook will never leave your side when you are marketing.