Viral Marketing with a Powerful Twist

by : Floyd Tapia

What would you do with 500, 1000 or more additional visitors each day? Imagine how your web business will grow with an extra 2000, 5000 or MORE leads each month . . .

Okay, I'll stop teasing you. . . But what IF those extra leads and visitors cost you NOTHING? Let me tell you a story a friend of mine named Paul Galloway shared with me...

The Brilliant Webmaster

Once upon a time, not too long ago in a nearby web land, there was a business owner looking for a way to increase visitors to his website AND a way to increase his subscribers. (Sound familiar?)

He and his webmaster came up with a simple but brilliant idea. They had some software developed to help them implement this viral idea, and then they launched the new campaign.

In just a couple of months, his website had received tons of visitors (including lots of REPEAT visitors) and almost 49,739 subscribers from this promotion.

In fact, by setting it up properly, your per-subscriber cost could be ZERO. Zero cost? What a beautiful end to this story. What was this powerful secret?

Surprisingly, this wasn't a 'new' concept like all the gurus brag about with their brand new, super secret, monumental discoveries.

No. Interesting enough, you've almost certainly seen the 'component parts' of this system in other places.

What made this idea so brilliant was to combine two existing traffic devices and add a 'twist' -- and this powerful twist is where the super viral effect is born.

Okay, it's almost redundant to say this but everyone knows that they should try to build a list of customers to be truly successful. But try this...

The two 'components' are a 'tell a friend' program and an online contest. What? Is that all? Well try this on for size. Oh, I'll get to the 'twist' in a second...

Viral Marketing with a 'Twist'

  1. Start an online contest, drawing, etc.
  2. Let the contestants know that by entering the contest they're also subscribing to your publication.
  3. On the contest form, put a referral or tell a friend box where contestant can enter friends and business associates so that they will be sent an invitation to enter the contest.

But here comes the really good part... NOW we're going to add a 'TWIST' to maximize your results.

Let the contestant know that every person they refer to your contest, they will get an additional entry as well. This is part of the powerful twist.

Second part of the twist: After they submit the form, give them a URL where they can check to see the 'front runners' in the contest.

These last two items are what makes this so powerful. You give your contestants an extra incentive to refer more and more of their friends and a way to track their standing in the contest.

Do you see how this taps into your visitor's triggers of greed and competitive nature? Here's an example of a real contest:

If you take the time to set this up properly, you too may cause an avalanche of quality traffic and subscribers to your site.

I can't say enough about the importance of putting this unused, yet lucrative marketing technique into action. This IS viral marketing with a powerful twist at its best.

To get additional information on how you can create your own traffic tidal wave using this simple but brilliant super viral feeding contest. Send an e-mail to: Do this before your competition jumps all over it.