Should Us Auto Market Be On the Look Out for Chinese Entrants?

by : Jenny Mclane

Some auto makers who are selling their wares in the United States auto market have started thinking about the competition. After all, if they do not quite get a good share out of the market, it would also then be reflected in their sales.

For example, if one company is manufacturing and yet the market is grabbing and going for , then it would also mean that that company would have to be suffering from quite a few amount of sales.

Along this line, the auto makers in the US are actually thinking about Chinese auto makers. China may not be quite yet a huge hit in the market but still, the makers could still not quite think about the kind of products that these foreign manufacturers could send as competition.

However, according to an expert in the field, such an issue should not be a big deal for US auto makers and other car crafters who sell theirs wares in the US market. The expert did disclose that these Chinese auto makers are still relatively small compared to the already established car manufacturers. Plus, the manufacturers from China still would have to go through various hurdles so as to be able to meet the standards given by the different foreign markets. Of course, these standards would most certainly include safety standards and emission standards.

On the other hand, some experts do believe that China does have the right amount of manpower and technology to be able to keep up with the various standards in the different markets that they might be thinking of entering.

One of the strong brands that could be entering the US market would be those vehicles manufactured by the Chery Automobile Co. which, according to a report, would be entering the US market come 2009 or 2010.

Apart from this car maker, another Chinese car manufacturer would be sending vehicles to the mentioned market. This one would be Geely and would also be entering the market at around the same time as Chery. Great Wall Motor Co. has already started exporting its small vans not to the US auto market but to Italy. There are no reports as of present if the company would be venturing in the US.