When to Buy a Car?

by : Nikola Govorko

Does it make any difference? Sure it does, it doesnt matter whether you plan on buying a new or used car certain times of week, month or year can get you a large discount, more equipment and overall better deal.

For example, it is much better to buy a convertible in the fall or winter, after the season for them is over (unless you live in California or Florida). At those times people are looking to buy family cars, SUVs and cars that are more practical. Also convertible owners are planning on selling their pets after one last season of cruising together. Also dealers are looking to get rid of this season cars and make room for those coming up.

One small downside to this is that you will not have that much choice at your disposal, most of the most wanted models and colors will be sold out. But it can all be remedied with a little persistence and willingness to compromise.

Most people wait for sales to begin and then go and shop for deals, but you do not need to wait, with negotiation you can get a better deal almost anytime. Most manufacturers offer incentives at certain parts of a year, and even if you can get a good deal at almost any time of a year you should prepare for this and cease it.

Dealers car prices are available for negotiation at any time during year. It often happens that people end up paying more when waiting for a sale time. At that time lots of people are shopping for cars and looking for deals so dealers can get away with calculating to whom they should sell car.

In other words they'll look you up and down and judge just how much youll pay for a car. Their judgment can be wrong but you could also end up paying more.

However incentive periods should be used to get the best deal possible.

So when is the best time to buy a car?

1) During weekdays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Middle of the week, no rush, both you and a dealer will be more relaxed. Because there was no rush and probably only a 1-2 sales have been made the dealer might offer you a better price.

2) At the end of the month. Most dealerships keep track of their monthly car sales, also at that time bonuses are paid to top sellers so each of them will try to sell as much as possible. Also if month or several months have not been very good, they will fear being laid off and will try their best to sell something.

Keep in mind that dealerships set sale targets based on how many cars they sell not on the profits made per each car, but ;) the car profits do influence commissions to the sellers.

3) When you have ample time for this. Do not rush, set aside a day or two just for this. If you can take a day off from your work for this.

And at the end the best time for car buying is naturally when you need one. Youll be surprised how many people wait for the last minute to buy a car and get ripped off. Also from the day you buy one try and set some money aside each month so the next time you go and buy a car youll have more opportunities before you.