Prepare your Car for Winter

by : Kimberly Meyer

Winter. You may not realize it but it looks like it is finally here. Just a couple more days (and nights) and it will be here sooner than you would actually notice.

But you see, despite such changes in weather, from the heat of the summer sun to the cold winter breeze, not all car owners actually do try to make sure that they vehicles are actually able to adapt to that. In fact, the Car Care Council actually did a survey and the data they were able to collect just reflected that a huge amount of car owners, around seventy per cent, actually do not winterize their vehicles.

Such a change could actually be detrimental to the life of your vehicle. In fact, the American Automobile Association, or the AAA, does say that such an attitude towards winterizing their vehicles accounts for a huge portion of the five million breakdowns during the winter holiday season alone.

Even Danica Patrick, one of the famous drivers in the IndyCar Series does share, "I learned how to drive in the Midwest, famous for some of the most extreme winter weather conditions. This taught me that harsh weather can be very hard on a car. You're risking a breakdown if you don't take the time to prepare your vehicle for the winter, even if you don't have your own pit crew." Sure, you do need time to winterize your vehicle. After all, such a move does not just entail changing some with new ones.

Be sure that you do check the antifreeze in your vehicle. You see, the antifreeze actually does work so that the engine, radiator, and all the hoses are protected just right from the harsh cold. Also, it is important that you check the battery of your vehicle. With the cold weather, chances are that the life of the battery could be cut in half.

Before you do venture to long road trips, make sure you have an emergency kit available in your vehicle. Do not forget to put in a flashlight, some tire chains, your vehicle's tool kit, and yes, jumper cables. Just in case you need some power from another car battery.