Make your Vehicles Ready for Winter

by : Stacey Wilson

Winter is all so near that you can now start feeling and even smelling its scent. And it has been a basic notion for us that we should start preparing ourselves when this happens. After all, we should be ready with all our thick clothes and our sweaters so much so that we do not catch the cold during the season.

On the same line, we should also make sure that our vehicles are ready for winter. We may already have planned where we would be going during the holiday season but we still have not thought about making sure our vehicles are ready for cold winter driving.

Auto parts businesses and organizations are now saying that it is important that we winterize our vehicles. Especially if we are planning on taking our vehicles for a long holiday journey. Plus, we should also keep in mind that it does not just take a couple of new (for your car) or new (for your wife's car) to do the trick.

On this, Kit Johnson shares his thoughts: "Winterizing your vehicle is one of the most important things motorists can do before they hit the road for holiday travel. Not only is a well maintained, winterized vehicle safer for the driver and their passengers, it is also more efficient and reliable during harsh winter driving conditions." Johnson holds the 2007 NAPA Technician of the Year title.

Before you do venture out and start moving your way through icy or even snowy roads, try to look at your tires first. You see, it is important that you see if there are worn spots or if the tires are still aligned. These could actually pose problems for you along the way if not checked earlier.

Another thing that should be checked is the battery of your vehicle. If the battery terminals are corroded, the battery could not last that long. You can simply purchase brushes that have been made especially for cleaning battery terminals.

On your vehicle's brakes, Johnson does add, "If drivers begin to experience a pull, vibration or a squealing and grinding noise when brakes are applied, the car should be serviced immediately to prevent costly and dangerous brake complications."