Cadillac Anniversary Celebrated With Opening of New Plant

by : Jenny Mclane

The luxury brand of vehicles, Cadillac, is one of the most known and most popular vehicle brands in the auto market. It has got more than a couple of the best manufacturing and assembly plants scattered all about the United States.

The Lansing Grand River assembly plant which can be found in the state of Michigan is one of the brand's assembly plants and the company is actually celebrating the fifth year of operations for this facility. After all, Cadillac does boast that this assembly plant is where they are able to have those coveted Cadillac units after all the little bits and pieces of and other engine parts have been completed and made into a complete vehicle.

It was back in 2001 when this plant started out its operations. Of course, much has been expected from this facility for the company had to shell out and invest some $707 million so as to be able to make this one a facility that has state of the art equipment and features. And the investment was really worth it for they have been able to come up with a good and steady supply of Cadillac vehicles and products plus the plant's efforts have also been much recognized for it has already been the proud recipient of awards for consistent quality as well as high productivity.

Joe Spielman is the current vice president of the General Motors (GM) North American Assembly and Stamping Operations department. And with regards to the celebration of the fifth year of operations of the Lansing Grand River assembly plant, he does say, "In five short years, Lansing Grand River has gone from a promise to a major success story in the automotive industry." He also does add, "Through dedication and hard work, the team at Lansing Grand River proved that GM could produce products that are cutting edge in design and technology, and world-class in quality and performance."

Such a statement is backed up by Jim Taylor who is the general manager for the Cadillac brand: "Lansing Grand River's role in the renaissance of the Cadillac brand cannot be overlooked the plant has been instrumental in Cadilalc's success."