Lincolns New Lineup Impresses Auto Writers

by : Pamela Hewitt

Lincoln lineup made a positive impression on the writers in the automotive world. The presentation of the automaker's 2007 lineup to the media was made on the extended road between Knoxville, Tenn., and Asheville, N.C. The preview gives auto journalists to drive a new Lincoln around a 300-mile route through the "Tail of the Dragon." The lineup is made up Lincoln MKZ, MKX, Navigator and Navigator L.

The media presentation includes a "Slaying the Dragon" driving segment that uses part of U.S. Highway 129, which has 318 turns in an 11-mile stretch of road known as "Tail of the Dragon". The road is so popular to car fanatics that it is almost treated as their sacred ground. According to Leslie Stockton, a Lincoln integration supervisor who helped in planning the route, "It's an amazing road. Besides being extremely challenging, it has incredible scenery and views, especially in the fall."

Approximately 80 automotive journalist graced Lincoln's 2007 lineup preview. The showcase includes a visit to the legendary Biltmore Estate, the 175,000-square-foot castle of George Washington Vanderbilt II. As a fact, it is the biggest privately-owned dwelling in the United States.

"We're giving the media a lot of driving time on fantastic roads and surrounding them in an atmosphere that exemplifies what the brand is all about. The Lincoln name has always been equated with success not only because the vehicles are luxurious, but because they are great to drive, as well," said Lincoln launch manager Tammera Hallums.

Ted Biederman, Los Angeles Times writer, called it a big improvement over Lincoln Zephyr. He further stated, "The new front suspension really works well -- I could feel the improvements and the powerpack makes a huge difference." Zephyr is the entry-level luxury car of the automaker that uses . Russ Heaps, Los Angeles-based syndicated journalist added, "The roads here are just amazing -- smooth and fast, and the views are just some of the best in the country."

Gary Joseph also expressed his high remarks to the new Lincoln MKX suspension system. "It seems just right, very comfortable, but also good for driving." Joseph said.

For Peter Horbury, Ford's executive director for design in The Americas, concluded, "It's time for Lincoln to reclaim its rightful place in the American luxury market. We've translated the refined elegance that we know Lincoln customers appreciate in their homes and fashions into these new vehicles."