Jaguar, Scottish Car of the Year Awards Top Winner

by : Michelle Crimson

"The Association of Scottish Motoring Writers are delighted to award our Scottish Car of the Year accolade for 2006 to the Jaguar XK Coupe."

These are the exact words given out by Stephen Park, the current president of the Association of the Scottish Motoring Writers. Park uttered such words during the awarding event of the best vehicles that the group was able to work with. He also did add, "Despite so many fantastic category winners, the XK Coupe emerged as a clear overall champion. Perfectly proportioned from every angle, and designed by Scotsman Ian Callum the XR is also thoroughly accomplished on the road. Furthermore, the imminent addition of a supercharged derivative to complement the normally aspirated 4.2 liter engine, adds further strength to the Jaguar's case."

On the end of the creator of the Jaguar XK Coupe and other products like , it was Geoff Cousins who received the 'Car Of The Year' award in behalf of the company. He did so by saying, "I am especially honored to collect this award for what we believe to be a truly deserving winner. The XR made an immediate impact in the UK when it was launched in March this year and already more than 2000 customers in the UK have taken delivery, with Scottish dealers recording a 57% growth in XK sales compared to 2005. Scotland continues to be a significant market for us, with more than 1100 vehicles sold this year while XJ sales have increased by 40% since 2005." Cousins is the current managing director for the Jaguar's United Kingdom arm.

Another award that the Jaguar XK Coupe took home was the 'Sporting Car of the Year' and this time, it was Ian Callum, the current director for design of the company, who received it. And upon doing so, he chose to say, "I feel very proud to have led the team that created the award-winning XK and it's even more special to me to collect the prize in Scotland from the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers. The XK is undoubtedly the most advanced car Jaguar has ever produced and marks the beginning of a whole new chapter for the company." Commenting on the XK Coupe winning the Scottish 'Sporting Car of the Year' category, Stephen Park President of the ASMW continued: "The Dove Publishing-sponsored Sporting category was undoubtedly one of the most fiercely contested but from the moment I drove Jaguar's new sports GT, I just knew that my fellow ASMW members would agree that this is a seriously special machine."