Keep Driving and Keep in Touch

by : Jennifer Dylan

When we drive, we should always keep in mind that our attention should be totally focused on our main task driving. It is not advisable that we should be diverting our attention to do other things like checking if we did bring our wallet along or if our mobile phones hold a new text message. Primarily this is because we do know that when our attention is diverted while we are driving, it is also very much possible that we could meet accidents or crashes. Of course, everything would have been simple if we only had to purchase new . But the chances of us losing our limbs and arms and even our life can be greater.

However, there is a new technology right now from Motorola, Inc. which allows drivers to be in touch with other people even if they are driving. This is the Motorola Portable Bluetooth Hands-Free Speaker T305. This one can be easily purchased at the various retailers of Motorola gadgets and of vehicle equipment. This can also be bought at wireless carries of Motorola products like Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Sprint.

Those who have tried out the Motorola Portable Bluetooth Hands-Free Speaker T305 have found this to be very helpful. In fact, experts have said that it is the best and even the most perfect travel companion one could have. You see, this one allows you to drive and still be able to keep in touch because it allows you to keep both your hands on the wheel while holding up a conversation on your mobile phone. The audio is also so clear it would be like talking with the person just right by your side. The controls of the Motorola Portable Bluetooth Hands-Free Speaker T305 are also easy to use and understand you would not have to fumble for the right buttons.

Greg Estell, the corporate vice president of Motorola's MobileME Companion Products arm, says, "The Motorola Portable Bluetooth Hands Free Speaker T305 fulfills Motorola's aim of bringing seamless mobility to consumers while on the go. With enhanced audio and Bluetooth capability, this stylish and compact hands-free speaker is the perfect travel companion for busy mobile lifestyles."