Go Driving. Go Streaming

by : Tracy Dawson

Long drives can pretty get on your nerves. You just can imagine driving alone and you have nothing to do. You can also imagine if you were with someone else but you just cannot seem to agree on a topic.

Good thing there is the old fashioned radio which you can turn on any time you choose to. Then, you can most especially appreciate the various music genres and styles as you go along driving to your destination which may be a long way off. At least, it would be able to sooth you and keep the pressure off of yourself.

But you see, you can even add in the fun and the entertainment of driving long distances. There is one gadget from Motorola, Inc. which allows you to enjoy mobile music while you do the drive. Yes, this one may be quite pricey compared to those that you are so fond of buying. However, this one sure does have a lot to offer you.

Motorola calls the new mobile music gadget for vehicles the Motorola Automotive Music and Hands Free System T605. This is a car kit which you can purchase from auto dealers and other shops that offer automotive products. And what this one does is that it can actually allow you to access and play digital music as well as make your phone calls. Yes, as long as you have a car sound system which is compatible with the Motorola Automotive Music and Hands Free System T605, you might as well enjoy all of the benefits that this gadget can bring you.

Greg Estell is the corporate vice president which is the Motorola, Inc.'s MobileMe Companion Products. He did say, "The T605 is a fun way to stay connected to the people and the music you love with hands free convenience while driving. The T605 leverages Motorola's global leadership in Bluetooth wireless technology to deliver seamless wireless entertainment and connectivity."

If you are interested in purchasing this cool mobile and musical gadget, well, you can make sure you have your resources ready come the first half of next year. This is according to an announcement given out by the company.