Lincoln Town Car Creates An Impression

by : Pamela Hewitt

The demarcation between ultra well-off individuals and their exact opposites can easily be ascertained by just looking at their cars. Billionaires own the most expensive cars in the world, which only a chosen few can afford. They flaunt it to awestruck other car fanatics. But, there are several exceptions; one of them is Warren Edward Buffett who drives a 2001 Lincoln Town Car.

Lincoln Town Car is the flagship of the automaker in the full-size luxury sedan segment. It features which include V8 engine and rear wheel drive that boosts pillowy ride. Said car is currently the largest in its segment. It measures about 18 feet in length.

Not everyone favors luxury cars. People like Buffett, prefer practicality over performance. Buffett, also known as 'Oracle of Omaha', is an investor, philanthropist and businessman. He has accumulated an enormous fortune from his business ventures including Berkshire Hathaway business. Buffett is next to Microsoft chairman- Bill Gates, when net worth is to be taken into consideration. Currently, he has an estimated net worth of approximately US$46 billion.

Like Gates, Buffett is active in his charitable activities. In the previous month, the famed frugal billionaire auctioned off his personal car Lincoln Town Car, for charity. Not only that, said billionaire also confirmed his commitment of giving away the significant part of his fortune to charity. Moreover, 85 percent of which will go to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In one of the surveys conducted by and, it was found out that majority of respondents believed that the typical CEO drives a luxury vehicle on which he spent $70,000 or more. Nonetheless, survey shows otherwise. It revealed that CEOs spend less than $25,000 on average for their primary car. Additionally, only 19% of respondents drive a luxury car.

The survey also divulged the rest of the list which include passenger cars (29%), SUVs (24%), pickup trucks (13%), vans and minivans (9%) and sports cars (6%). Survey also revealed that senior banking executives are the most likely to be seen driving luxury cars and sports cars, while health-care professionals prefer SUVs, and general contractors pickup trucks.