A Rover With a Stormy Performance

by : Carol Mitchel

Land Rover earlier announced its new concept car called Range Stormer. The latter is a high-performance, sports-tourer SUV car that epitomizes the future of car design and dynamics. This is Rover's way to approach the forthcoming demands of the car owners.

Range Stormer is the first concept car of the automaker that will enter a new market segment. Moreover, it is expected that Rover's future portfolio will be expanding to welcome the presence of Range Stormer.

"The supercharged V8 Range Stormer gives a taste of our forthcoming new entrant in the booming high-performance SUV segment," said the managing director of Land Rover, Matthew Taylor. "The production vehicle that follows will share many of its styling and technical innovations."

Taylor added, "Range Stormer is a modern, striking, high-technology vehicle. It is very much conceived to be an on-road, high-performance machine, as well as class-leading off-road like all Land Rovers. Breadth of capability is one of its many strengths."

Range Stormer utilizes power to produce an updated and state-of-the-art vehicle that exudes boldness, sophistication and powerful performance. Said concept vehicle will use an advanced, fully-integrated platform to give Range Stormer that inspiring underpinnings.

One remarkable innovation which will be incorporated in the car is Terrain Response, which is a distinctively Rover technology. Said feature will deliver excellent on-road and off-road driving experience. Parenthetically, it optimizes the whole vehicle setup including powertrain, suspension, traction control and throttle response to provide safe and powerful driving dynamics.

"You'll be seeing an increasing amount of innovative technology in our future vehicles," says Matthew Taylor. "But technology that makes the driver's task simpler, not more complicated, such as Terrain Response. You select the terrain. The car then helps you conquer it."

The modern muscle car of Rover creates a sporty yet elegant aura. According to Geoff Upex, Jaguar's design director, "The challenge was to translate fundamental Land Rover design values into a concept for a high-performance machine that looks powerful, muscular and edgy. We certainly want to challenge established views of our vehicles and yet Range Stormer is clearly an authentic Land Rover."

Upex continued, "It has classic Land Rover design language, such as the clamshell bonnet, 'floating roof,' castellated corners on the hood, the straight waistline and short front overhang. Take one look at the vehicle and it's obviously from Land Rover, and obviously has strong Range Rover genes."