Corolla: Choosing the Right Competition

by : Mark Clarkson

The automotive world is buzzing with news, rumors, and activity. This is primarily because this is the time when most auto makers are sending out their newest models out to the knowledge of the consumers. This is also when there are plenty of new products arriving in the market so as to be known earlier before the 2007 model year arrives.

The Toyota Motor Corporation is one of these companies and they have already sent out the details on the newest version of the very popular and best selling Toyota Corolla. According to the company, they are targeting that the Toyota Corolla would now be able to permanently take the spot that used to belong to the Ford Falcon. And in this way, the Toyota Corolla would now be able to have a head to head match with one of the auto world's strongest vehicles the Holden Commodore. And, the creator of aftermarket parts for 1994 Toyota GT Turbo Starlet is even saying that come the time when the newest Toyota Corolla goes on sale come the middle of 2007, customers would sure be flocking to purchase the vehicle.

Mike Breen is the spokesperson for the company in Australia and he does share, "We expect (the new Toyota Corolla) to maintain that market position (first place or second place) and hopefully strengthen." He does even add, "The market dictates what is the market leader, but we are hoping (that the new Toyota Corolla) will make some in roads into that (top spot or position)."

So what should one expect that the new Toyota Corolla would hold? Well, the best selling nameplate would sure be coming in as part of the tenth generation of Toyota Corollas ever produced. However, this 2007 model year vehicle would be bigger than the current version we see on the streets. This one would be coming some 45 mm longer and even 65 mm wider. Even its height would be coming in with an additional 45 mm. However, despite such physical changes, the 2007 Toyota Corolla would be having the same size of wheelbase that the current Corolla uses.