Trucks Are for Texans

by : Terry Brown

It is not so much of a surprise if one says that people who live in Texas are totally into their pickup trucks. After all, with the kind of power and performance that a truck has, these Texans can very much rely on them and use them in their daily activities.

Now what the DFW Elite Auto Rental is now doing is to actually show its support and love for the Texans. So how is the company doing such? Well, according to the group, they would be adding in the International CXT.

So now you are asking what is exactly the big deal with this International CXT. The answer to this is that the International CXT is actually the largest pickup you would ever find in the whole world. You would see this vehicle to be a really huge one with all its nine feet in height. And, the CXT actually stands for something commercial extreme truck. Compared to the Hummer H2, the Hummer H2 becomes a dwarf. After all, the International CXT is taller by two feet and even longer by the mentioned vehicle by five feet.

"It's certainly a head turner. We were sure excited to see one of these premium trucks go to a rental fleet," exclaims Dennis Tidwell. Tidwell is the current general manager for the Southwest International Trucks Inc.

The pickup has got a length of eight feet worth of bed. Plus, you can add up your favorite if you would like to get more for your gas. As per its exterior, you would notice that the International CXT has got a really polished chrome bumper to give that kind of appeal so much so that you could not take your eyes off this truck with muscles. Power of this vehicle can be further enhanced with if you choose to add them.

As much muscle and as much toughness you would find with this vehicle, you sure would also be very much surprised by the elegance and comfort you would find once you are inside the pickup truck. In fact, the interior holds leather bucket seats plus a really spacious cabin. The windows are tinted and you also get the best sound system you can dream of.