Nissan Goes for the Elderly

by : Tom Bailey

Just this week, the largest symposium on electric vehicles in the world was launched and opened in Japan's Yokohama area. And this one is actually the 22nd International battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition. And during such a coveted symposium, auto manufacturer Nissan went out of its way to show a kind of vehicle that was created with the elderly in mind.

This special vehicle is the Nissan Micro UV and it was shown off at the mentioned electric vehicles symposium along with the Nissan Hypermini. The Nissan Hypermini is just a small vehicle that can run up to 100 kilometers per hour. But this article is not about it.

Anyhow, the Nissan Micro UV was actually developed under the Nissan tutelage by the company's subsidiary, the Autech. Along with that, there was also some sponsorship that went into the creation of the vehicle from the New Energy and Industry Technology Development Organization, or NEDO. The NEDO, if you did not know, is actually a group that was organized and created by the Japanese government back in the year 1980 so as to develop technologies that would be alternative sources of energy. And the Nissan Micro UV was the product of the team work and coordination between all these groups and businesses.

Nissan did claim that the creation of the Nissan Micro UV was mainly targeted towards the elderly drivers of its native land, Japan. After all, there is a huge increase of elderly in the mentioned area. And the Nissan Micro UV, outfitted in all its glory, would be now able to help out the elderly ones. In fact, the vehicle has been fitted with the right kind of active interface technology that would greatly help out elderly drivers. After all, the elderly really does have motor abilities that are failing, has a slow response time, and impaired driving capabilities at the very worst.

With such a kind of vehicle on the streets, elderly people would still be able to drive around their place without having to worry much about their safety. After all, Nissan sure did design the Nissan Micro UV to be the best kind of driving companion there would be in the industry.