Mustang Muscle Car, Ready to Race

by : Chuck Smith

Ford aficionados and race fans can now scream their lungs out. This is because Ford Mustang is now made more rugged and powerful to conquer race tracks. Recently, Ford Motor Company in cooperation with Miller Motorsports Park (MMP), has equipped a fleet of Mustangs with high-performance race parts.

are given a crucial boost via add-ons. These add-ons convert the American muscle cars into race-prepped thoroughbreds. Said racing and parts are available to any Mustang owner from the Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog at any Ford dealership.

Mustang is an American car that is based on Falcon compact. Its first production was a white convertible with red interior. The aftermath of said production was introduced at the New York World's Fair on April 17, 1964. Two days after, it was launched via all American television networks. That that, said launch was considered the most successful in the industry. After quite a few redesigns and modifications, Mustang is still doing great in the automotive market. After 43 years of existence, Mustang is brought to a new level. This time it is designed to handle the complex and nerve-racking world of racing.

Jaime Allison, manager of Ford Racing Performance Group said, "We're thrilled to again have a relationship with a driving school program. Ford Racing has become a Charter Member of the new, state-of-the-art Miller Motorsports Park. Our relationship is more than just a sponsorship; it is rooted in a technical development program that began before the facility was even complete. We've been working with the team at MMP for over a year now developing, testing and proving-out the 20 Mustangs and I'm proud to say, they're ready to go."

The Drag Pack offered by the company provides extra boost to . In fact, with it the driver can imagine to shave a half-second off quarter mile estimated times. The car can generate 35 more horsepower than Mustang GT. The Handling Pack, which includes tuned dampers, springs, sway bars and strut tower brace, is suited to any 2005-07 Mustang GT Coupe.

Aside from the 2 packs, the car is also equipped with 18-inch , racing mufflers, performance radiator, racing stripe kit, brakes, safety harness, and more.

"This relationship to outfit Miller Motorsports Park's fleet of Mustangs with high-performance parts is the culmination of all our Ford Racing Performance Packs on Mustang from the FR1, FR2, FR3 and on," said Allison. "Everyone in our office has been involved in this program."