Whats Your Wedding Date?

by : George Meszaros

Setting your wedding date is one of the most important parts of your wedding planning adventure. There are many factors to consider before setting your wedding day. Everything from the weather, holidays, vacations, school schedules, work commitments, and more will have an impact on your wedding date.

The busiest months for getting married are May, June, July, August, September, and October. Wedding vendors, and reception venues all know that they can charge a premium during the busiest months, so be prepared to spend more. If you plan on getting married during the peak wedding season, you have to start planning early because you are competing with most other brides.

If you want to save money get married during the off months, there is nothing wrong with getting married in December or March. You are special your wedding is special regardless of the month of the year. If you plan a beach wedding in Virginia, you almost have to plan it for the warm summer months.

Your timing is going to impact everyone you are inviting to your wedding. If your parents have planned for years to go to Europe the same time you want to get married, you should consider another date. If you plant to get married on a major holiday such as the 4th of July, you should expect several of your guests to be out of town. In general, it is not a good idea to plan your wedding to fall on the same day with a national holiday.

Not only that month, but also the day of the week is an important factor. Saturday is the most popular wedding day, so a summer wedding that falls on a Saturday is usually your most expensive option. You may have no problem booking many reception venues for a Tuesday afternoon; most of your invited guests would never be able to show up.

The most popular time of the day for weddings is the afternoon. It may be less expensive to schedule your wedding to take place earlier in the day. Your morning wedding can be just as elegant and memorable as an evening wedding, and you may save a lot of money.