Hummer Screams look at Me

by : Joe Thompson

Enthusiasts are saying that if a person wanted to go to a place where no ordinary vehicle can take him, Hummer can bring him there. Hummer has earned this standing in the rugged world of sport utility vehicle. Its vehicles are designed to handle rough roads, slippery slopes, ridges, inclines and ridges. The reputation is imbibed in its latest member - GT, also called Gulf-wing. managed to give the car that outlandish and captivating appeal that screams look at me.

GeigerCars upgraded the traditional and incorporated it with GT to come up with the latest breakthrough of the company. GT is given a 6.0L V8 engine with supercharger. The designers also added new ECU and stainless steel exhaust system to increase the horsepower and torque to 556 and 564, respectively. Hummer's suspension was also upgraded to create the right height proportion. Other worthy additions include anti-roll bars, huge chrome 30-inch rims, 315/30R 30 Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires.

Gulf-wing's interior includes a full multimedia system with sat-nav, DVD player and television receiver showing on twin LCDs. Its faÃ?ade is made fresher by baby blue and orange livery of the classic Porsche 917. Further, Gulf-wing is given scissor-style doors, which can be opened normally or upwards. The car is compatible with , which covers hinges, screws and bolts to convert its doors to wing doors.

Hummer brand keeps on expanding its lineup. After it released the smaller version of Hummer H3, several upgrades and enhancements followed. The production of Hummer 3 parts and vehicles started on October 10 this year at its Port Elizabeth plant in South Africa. Said production intended to cater to international markets.

It can be recollected that the original Hummer was built by AM General Corporation basing on the military High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle. Its H2 version is assembled in Kaliningrad plant in Russia, which started manufacturing parts and vehicles in June of 2004. Said plant manufactures few hundred vehicles per year. However, its output is limited to local vehicle demands only. On one hand, Hummer has also announced the end of production of the original H1.