More Features From the 2006 Volkswagen 2.0 Gti

by : Stacey Wilson

There is simply more to the 2006 year model of the Volkswagen 2.0 GTI. Sure, we all do know that this vehicle is a version of the Volkswagen GTI and it is an entrant to the compact car and the small family car segment with the likes of the Ford Escort, Peugeot 304, and the Open Kadett as its competition in the automotive jungle. Built with superb , the Volkswagen GTI 2.0 and any other Volkswagen GTI unit has been created since the year 1974 and up until the present, one can surely find such a vehicle on the streets.

Everything that the Volkswagen 2.0 GTI possesses has been made specifically so as to give the vehicle something unique and make the vehicle stand out from among all the other vehicles in the market. If you want style, this vehicle has it. If you want space, sure enough, Volkswagen AG made sure that the Volkswagen 2.0 GTI has it. If you want performance and reliability, then surely this vehicle would be for you. And combine all these in just one vehicle, you really do get a good buy for your money. Even more than what you expect you would be able to buy with your amount of money.

This Volkswagen 2.0 GTI coupe has constantly been confused with the older version Volkswagen 1.8 GTI but if you do would take more than just a cursory glance, that is when you would realize that there are more than subtle differences between the two vehicles. The main difference that you could discern though would be that both vehicles have been created using the Volkswagen platform made for the Golf and the Jetta units. However, overall, it looks like the Volkswagen 2.0 GTI coupe has been manufactured to be longer than the Volkswagen 1.8 GTI. The former is also wider and also quite on the heavy side.

As per the power that this vehicle has in store for drivers and riders, then you should be ready with your seatbelts for this vehicle has got twenty units more of horsepower compared to the version before this one. So in total, you do get 200 units of horsepower which gives the vehicle a sporty feel and an even sportier experience for those inside the vehicle.

Take a walk outside and feast your eyes on the vehicle's exterior. You would most likely see its grille which has now been made to be wider. You would also see the "GTI" trademark and badge right in front of the vehicle. Sure, you would not be mistaking this 2006 Volkswagen 2.0 GTI for any other vehicle.