Get More With the Acura Mdx

by : Jennifer Dylan

Despite being in the industry for two decades, the Acura brand has still yet got a long way to go before it is able to actually send out vehicles to each segment there is in the automobile industry. But still, the brand, which works under the Honda Motor Corporation umbrella, is already trying to make sure that there are entrants to various segments which they can actually compete in.

One segment that this crafter has entered is the luxury car segment. Despite this one segment being quite a difficult one to be in, it seems like the brand has sure been prepared well with the Acura MDX vehicle. Of course, it would not be a big surprise since Honda, the Acura brand's mother, has already been able to successfully bring luxury cars and versions to the market.

The very first Acura MDX came out in the market in the year 2001 and it was one of the very first in the auto industry to actually offer a vehicle that has got three rows of seats. And this is offered not as optional features but as a standard feature. If you would go back to the auto industry's luxury car segment, you would find out that the Mercedes Benz brand has already brought about such a feature but they had only offered such a luxury in seating capacity as an option.

According to the brand, the Acura MDX is currently the second when it comes to sales. And perhaps this can be attributed to the very fact that this vehicle is the only one in the industry that offers a good comfortable seating capacity of seven passengers in its cabin. And for the 2007 model year, the Acura MDX has been created to have three rows of seats that does not sacrifice comfort, luxury, and space.

Take a ride inside the Acura MDX and you would most certainly find the front seats of the vehicle to be huge and quite comfortable to be in. They have also been designed to be deep and not stiff and they also do give you the right amount of support. But despite this, those passengers in the back also are embraced in the kind of luxurious comfort that luxury vehicles have.