Auris: the Space Concept Vehicle From Toyota

by : Stacey Wilson

People have certainly been asking if the Toyota Auris Space Concept vehicle is going to be the very next Toyota Corolla that holds five doors. However, it looks like it would only be up to the creator to define if they are really planning on making this concept become a real production vehicle.

If you do take a look at the Toyota Auris Space Concept, you would think that the vehicle simply outstanding. It may not have the same kind of flair that you would find in most concept vehicles but this one still does stand out. You can say though that it looks like a Toyota Vitz or a Toyota Yaris. And according to the company, they had created the Toyota Auris Space Concept so as to be able to show off and inform the people about the new type of design that they are calling the "Vibrant Clarity".

Many people have mistaken the concept vehicle to be a Toyota Yaris based vehicle. After all, it really does seem to show that it is a Yaris in nature, especially if you do take a good look at it from its front end. Some have even said that perhaps Toyota did not find the right type of inspiration to make a concept car so instead the company just took out a Toyota Yaris and put in new headlamps as well as a different grille. And the result came out to be the Toyota Auris Space Concept. However, it could only be the company who could answer such a speculation.

According to some experts, they did find the Toyota Auris Space Concept's overhangs to be quite okay. They were actually created to be short which helped make the vehicle quite unique in its exterior. Aside from the overhangs, the Toyota Auris Space Concept also has got wheels that measure a good nineteen inches. The brake calipers are also quite pronounced which give quite an outstanding overall effect for the vehicle. If this one does go into production, we all would do have to wait and see just how great this one does.