Making Wedding Cakes Is No Cakewalk For The Cake Maker!

by : Ashish Jain

One of the "preparations" in the Christian Wedding that demands utmost attention and comments from the guests is the making of wedding cake! It is also one of the items of wedding photographer's paradise. He would click it from several angles.

After all, a skilled cake designer makes a lasting impact on the guests. His visiting card will be demanded by many, if the taste is extraordinary!

You have to be a creative artist to be a good cake-maker. You will have your briefing from the groom/bride, but that is only one part. You have to form a total picture, taking into consideration their suggestions and views. The important question of the day would be, "Who made the cake?"

If it is a frown, you are out. If it is a smile, you are most welcome!

In theme weddings, the importance of the cake matters a lot. In medieval cakes, it is done with pearls and a golden crown. The adventure-loving couple prefer a bike or a helicopter or a plane! A diamond lover, more exactly a diamond merchant would like to have a big diamond, on the wedding cake.

In Victorian Weddings, a bow or rose qualities of that era could be well engrossed on the cake. It can contain anything. From a simple beautiful rose, bird-of-paradise, sunflower, replica of the bridal bouquet to anything of the latest craze and appeal!

The appeal of the season also counts. What the designer would do for a cake in summer would not be executed in the winters.

Indeed the cake-planning is done weeks in advance. The cake-maker like to make each marriage, each cake, memorable. It is his business as well as personal satisfaction. If he can make hundreds of hearts happy, I think that it is his best reward.

Making a wedding cake is no cakewalk for the cake-maker! Till the last moment, he has his anxieties unrest!

A wedding cake is not complete, without the wedding cake topper. It is the final round for completion of the cake. Here again, the choice before the cake-maker is endless. Interlocking hearts, rings, doves and the material used for topper can be glass or porcelain. It will most probably occupy a pivotal place in your showcase, as the souvenir of your wedding.

In fine line, what is a wedding cake? It is a mixture of beauty, skill and imagination- and your reward! The appreciation of the bride and the groom!