Lincoln Blackwoods Runaway Success

by : Pamela Hewitt

Lincoln boasts an entirely new vehicle to redefine the American luxury car by the name Blackwood. Said model was derived from the 1999 concept of the same name. So far, Blackwood's grace has proved to be a runaway success. Critics are saying that conveys an ultimate urban performance and feel.

The car is based on the 'image truck' idea nonetheless it was given an air of style and performance. Image truck concept incorporated to the car a bolder, badder and more rugged appeal. On the other hand, a refined ergonomics made it more classy that the other vehicles in similar segment.

Critics are expecting that Blackwood is the vehicle that can rescue Lincoln from the Town Car demographic abyss. However, other critics are saying that the 4-door, 4-passenger, sybaritic, pickup will not represent the future of Lincoln's future cars.

Lincoln Blackwood is made more exclusive because it only has 10,000 units of production annually. It shares the Navigator's platform and powered by 5.4-liter DOHC V-8. It also has quality such as control-arm front suspension, jounce bumpers, slightly stiffer spring rates and slimmer anti-roll bar. At its rear portion are the leaf springs and air springs that work in parallel.

Dave Reiche, vehicle dynamics engineer said, "The key to our system is engine management. The software recognizes deformable surfaces and allows up to seven percent wheelspin, because sometimes you need to let the tires dig into snow or sand just a little bit to gain traction." Moreover, Blackwood uses bespoke Michelin eighteen-inch all-season rubber, standard traction control, and a limited-slip rear differential.

Lincoln Blackwood is also equipped with standard in-dash six-disc CD changer and Alpine stereo. Aside from that, it is features rear bucket seats, which fold down to form flat cargo shelves, leather-upholstered console and a huge flank. In a nutshell, Blackwood exudes Navigator's appeal only that it is made more handsome.