"How To Write Effective Ezine Ads...& Then Some"

by : Wayne D. Anderson

When writing an ezine ad, there is a big mistake that most people make when writing an ad. That is, they try to sell something in those ads, and there is a good reason why you don't want to do that.

Let's think about this for a second, if it will take seven times for most people to buy your product. Then how many times will you have to run that same ad to the same people in the same ezine, to get the majority of them to buy.

That is a huge waste of time and or money, this is definitely not the way to go.

What you want to do is to get their email address. Remember this, “the way to a person’s bank account is through their email box", and there are several ways to accomplish getting their email address.

One way is to give away a newly, exclusive, or valuable special report related to the product or service you are planning to sell them.

It’s good to offer something new, because not everyone will have it, and the want for it will be greater then if it been on the internet for a couple of months.

Offering something that is exclusive is even better. Knowing that they can only get it from you makes them want it even more.

Most importantly, offer something valuable, nothing worthless. You do not want to waste your time with trying to get someone’s email address in exchange for something less than valuable. They will not think twice about not giving their email address to you.

You can also write an article discussing how the product or service that you will eventually sell them, help them.

Now that we’ve discuss how you should advertise in your ezine ads. Let’s discuss how to make the most of the 80 percent of your ad that determines success, your attention-grabbing headline.

Your headline, the most important part of your ad. This is what gets the reader’s attention and builds their interest. If you can’t get the readers attention , we can safely say that your headline needs work.

It doesn’t matter if your offer doesn’t pertain to someone’s interest. A good headline captures the attention of any and everyone, even if its just for two seconds.

What you what to do when writing the headline is list the benefit, not the feature of whatever you are offering. A feature is a distinctive attribute or aspect of whatever you are selling. A benefit is what you can achieve from the feature.

For example:

The feature of Yanik Silver’s and Jim Edward’s, “7 Secrets To An Instant Traffic Stampede" report would be of course, 7 secrets to an instant traffic stampede.

One benefit of that feature would be:

Dramatically increase you website traffic.

Remember, whatever you are offering, people are only interested in how it can help them, the benefit. Not what the product can do, the feature.

Began the headline with an attention-grabbing word like “STOP!", “LOOK!", or “FREE!".

LOOK! Dramatically increase you website traffic or if you are giving something away, it’s a good idea to began the headline with the word “FREE"

FREE! Dramatically increase you website traffic

One thing you can do with your headline is to enclose it with “quotations". You’ll will get better results if you use “quotations".

“FREE! Dramatically increase your website traffic"

Try using capital and lower case letters in your headline. One thing I’ve always done is capitalize the first letter in each word, it has always been very effective.

“FREE! Dramatically Increase YOUR Website Traffic"

Now, once you’ve the prospects attention, it’s time reel them in with your offer.

This is when you can list the feature(s) of what you are offering. Now, depending on the amount lines the publisher allows you, you may have to shorten your offer. So be very mindful of what you include in your ad.

“FREE! Dramatically Increase YOUR Website Traffic" 7 Secrets To An Instant Traffic Stampede

Special characters such as (!, $, #, *), can be your best friend when your ad is shown along with a lot of other ads. First you want to check if the ezine publisher allows them. You could find this out by reading their ezine, or just contact them and ask them if they do.

Using special characters will limit the space of your ad, but it will also help gain the attention of the reader. It goes both ways, so it’s up to you to decide.

*“FREE! Dramatically Increase YOUR Website Traffic"*

* * 7 Secrets To An Instant Traffic Stampede * *

* * * Simply visit, * * *

Instead of using special characters when you ad is going to be shown along with a lot of other ads, you can also use white spaces.

This adds a bit of relief to a page crowded with ads. A reader will notice this, even when skimming down a page.

“FREE! Dramatically Increase YOUR Website Traffic"

7 Secrets To An Instant Traffic Stampede

Simply visit,

Before I go, I want to leave you with two things. The first thing is, you have to keep your ad in front of the readers constantly, be consistent. In the end, patience, & consistency pays off.

The second is to track your ads, some ads deliver better than others. Tracking your ads is a great way to see which ones pulls in better results. I use the free ad tracking service at I highly recommend it.