Why Choose An Emerald Cut Ring As An Engagement Ring

by : Low Jeremy

After that overwhelming marriage proposal, it's now time to start with the tedious task of wedding preparation. One of major considerations-before and during the wedding-is choosing for an engagement ring.

Aside from the usual round or heart-shaped diamond rings, one of the most preferred cuts used in engagement rings is the emerald cut. Categorized as one of diamond's valuable "fancy cuts,' emerald cut engagement ring are becoming more and more popular choice for engagement rings because they look quite sophisticated.

Technically, emerald cut diamond engagement rings can either be square or rectangular. It also has cut corners, thus, resembling a box when you from above. Also known as "step cut" for having facets that resemble stair steps, emerald cut diamond engagement rings has fewer facets compared to the round cuts.

If you are not into glittery, sparkling rings, choose emerald cut diamond as engagement ring because it only has 25 facets compared to 58 facets of the usual round shaped-diamonds. Or if you want an engagement ring that looks big as much as possible, try emerald cut diamond engagement ring because it greatly enhances the appearance of the stone by having facets arranged in rectangular steps or rows above and below the girdle that creates the illusion of a large and perfect stone.

Your guide to the ultimate emerald cut diamond engagement ring shopping

Exuding an air of class and elegance, elegant cut diamond engagement rings are worn by most sophisticated couples today.

1. The first major consideration in buying emerald cut diamond engagement ring is a woman's personal preference and lifestyle. If the woman is not into flashy and brilliant diamonds, then this cut is perfect for her because it is simple yet elegant. Today, more and more women prefer the emerald cut for their engagement ring because it is unique and elegant.

2. When choosing for an emerald cut diamond engagement ring, carefully select a diamond with superb clarity and color. Take note of the possible imperfections in the diamond because these can be magnified and may affect the overall appearance of the ring. If possible, look for an emerald cut diamond engagement ring that is close to colorless.

3. Be familiar with the features of an emerald cut diamond engagement ring. Usually, these rings are rectangular or square with bezelled corners and step-cut facets and have a window-like transparency.

4. Since this cut is quite unusual for an engagement ring, emerald cut diamond engagement ring are not usually will not find a ready-made. You can ask for a custom-made that would fit perfectly on your finger.

5. After purchasing a high-priced emerald cut engagement ring, make sure that obtain an independent appraisal and gem lab report to indicate the stone's worth.