2007 Cadillac Escalade: Scourge Or Icon of Time?

by : Jenny Mclane

Car aficionados treat all-new Cadillac Escalade as 'bling'. The latter is a word used by many to mean luxury automobiles or anything that is closely-associated with wealth. These aficionados find Escalade to be an icon that represents lavishness and power. Nonetheless, to some enthusiasts, said crossover is nothing but a scourge that can drill a hole in the pocket.

Nevertheless, the fact is apparent that Escalade is making a big impression and this impression is never waning. Said automobile attracts the demographic that enjoys the larger and better things offered by life. Famous people, celebrities and the wealthiest in the land are grabbing their piece of Escalade. In fact, said car has gained star-studded exposure and integrity that it eventually became an icon in its own right.

All-new Escalade is an entirely redesigned version of its ancestors. It is considered as the pinnacle in the lineup of GM. Said crossover was designed to achieve a fresh new look yet still recognizable as Escalade. Its styling is made revolutionary to create a more handsome faÃ?ade plus a superb aerodynamic edge. include 6.2-litre overhead valve V8 that produces 403 hp and 417 lb/ft of torque, body-attached bumpers, anti-lock brakes, panel-to-panel gaps, rounded sheetmetal, wraparound fascias, 116.0-inch wheelbase, and faster windshield.

To boost its luxurious appeal, Escalade is given cured leather chairs and meticulously built wooden and metal furniture to complement the driving experience. According to GM's designers, the feel is similar to that of a Swedish design luxury hotel room.

The most depressing part according to some car aficionados is the fact that a great percentage of the populace can only stare at Escalade - nothing more. This is because all-new Escalade is wrapped in a hefty price which can only be afforded by well-off demographic. The base price of said crossover is $78,030 and it can soar higher and higher.