Tornado Fuel Saver: your Economizer!

by : James Russell

Tired of spending so much money on gas? Getting poor mileage on your car? The is just for you!

The Tornado Fuel Saver allows you to save on gas and improve your car's mileage. Thanks to 10 years of research and development, the Tornado Fuel Saver incorporates a patented Air-Twister system that once installed, instantly improves your car's fuel economy. It saves you money the very moment you start your engine! The Tornado Fuel Saver gives your car more power. It is easy to install, fits most cars, works for both gas and diesel, fuel-injection and carburetor-type engines, and is even environmentally friendly!

The Tornado Fuel Saver almost sounds too good to be true, but it's definitely here! Here's how it works: manufactured with fixed, durable stainless steel parts, the has slotted fins that take your car's normal air intake and converts it into a powerful vortex of air - a continuous, spinning action that allows air to easily pass through corners and bends. Since automobile engines operate through the reaction of fuel with oxidizers such as air, a process more commonly known as internal combustion, the more readily the car's air intake is able to mix with fuel, the more efficient the rate of combustion. The Tornado Fuel Saver gives you the most efficient after-market tool that allows your engine to perform well and do just that. Because more air is channeled into your car's engine, your fuel is able to burn more completely and efficiently, giving your car better drive and mileage. Road tested and certified at an emission lab licensed by the EPA, the Tornado Fuel Saver can save you 7-15% of fuel, or as much as 2-4 miles per gallon. It can even add a few horsepower to your car's engine. That's fuel efficiency like never before!

Tornado Fuel Saver is easy to install, it usually takes only 2-5 minutes - and it requires no maintenance! The will keep on saving you money as long as you own your vehicle!

So what are you waiting for? Save money on gas and get better mileage for your car! Purchase a Tornado Fuel Saver now!