Car Insurance - Inflated Quotes Costs Consumers Millions Yearly

by : Gary Hollins

Even though lower car insurance quotes are occurring through competition from warring insurance companies vying for new business, as well as increasing online quote houses, millions of consumers are still paying dramatically more for their car insurance than they have to, to the tune of millions every year, and hundreds of dollars per household.

Online quote houses, such as, states on its site that on average, customers can save $451 on their car insurance by comparing car insurance quotes with them.

But these typical savings won't affect the average consumer unless they take action and compare their rates, both online, and with national and local agents in their area.

All auto insurance is not the same. In one study by a major insurance company conducted between 1999 and 2004, a six-month auto insurance policy fluctuated between a low of $481 to a high of $586. This translates to a year policy costing as low as $775, to as high as $1256 for the exact same coverage.

This means one thing: for consumer to save, find good service, and get a good rate on their auto insurance, they need to shop, shop, shop.

It may seem simple, but according to studies by a major online carrier, only 20% of the people surveyed actually get more than one quote before buying their insurance.

Experts agree that getting a mix of quotes from large as well as small insurers will give you a good mix. lets you pick from a wide variety of national insurers through their automated providers.

Experts also suggest that, even with the convenience and speed of online quotes, you should consult local providers as well.

In the long run you should shop around, and get quotes from as many places as you can before making a final decision. In the end, it will save you big money.